Having taken the train from Colchester to Alresford, I then assisted a lady with her pram, to alight. That would be my final good deed of the day, but it was enough to start my day with a sense of being “the good Samaritan”, rather than the “rugged intrepid explorer”. Explorer, was a slight exaggeration perhaps, considering the banal context of corner shops and housing estates, which wove their way to a bridge, crossed by a main road.

A road which soon, cut off the pavement beside it…

At this point, I had to backtrack a little, looking slightly apprehensively at my watch, wondering if I would actually make it to Brightlingsea.

What my regular readers will know, is the majority of my writing is merely about getting to the destination, rather than being there. But isn’t that the essence of life really? The destination is never as fun as the story of how you got there …

The journey then took me along a lane, with a perplexingly generic name such as Ford lane, with no indication at all of any waymark.

After following Ford lane past a school and factory however, a footpath took me down past some woods, and alongside marshland, snaking between water and banks, like a scene from Lord of the rings. I then approached a farm, disturbed a heron, and ended up on a main road with a more useful pavement, which directed me to Brightlingsea.

After following this past another church, with flag at half mast to indicate that the queen had recently passed away, I arrived at the village centre. This was complete with a museum, marina, boating lake, and a small tower (Bateman’s Tower), apparently used to judge the winner of the boat races along the River Colne.

Notably, the selfie image above was taken beside Brightlingsea Marina, and the walk was broken up with the purchase of a 99 ice-cream, which certainly wasn’t 99p. In fact, that tale allegedly is a rumour anyway… A 99 is actually called that, according to you magazine (see sources), because a king of Italy had a specially chosen unit of 99 men, and therefore it came to mean a symbol of quality or having a “special” nature.

Consistent with its regal roots, park banter was solely focused on the recent passing of her majesty, and related matters such as when the funeral would be, and when everything could go “back to normal”.

As exciting as that conversation must have been to see out, I decided to leave to begin the 5 mile walk back to Alresford train station.

This may sound like a particularly long way to walk, but you should bear in mind, that I’m built for endurance, and walk regularly. Midway through the return journey, I passed 2 rather generously portioned guys on bicycles, and thought nothing really of it. The next mile was rather amusing, since the “Ford lane” I was on, was rather undulating. Therefore during every downhill, gravity took over, resulting in the bounteous gentleman cruising past me; Presumably on a short commute back from work.

Every time a hill followed however, my consistent walking pace meant I was able to overtake them, whilst they pushed their bikes uphill.

It actually became quite competitive, as I wanted to beat them to the end of the lane. I overheard them comment every now and again about my walking pace, which just gave me further encouragement. Eventually, I made it back to the train station, and I must say, I had quite an enjoyable adventure.


I would recommend Brightlingsea for a visit, particularly if you can observe the regatta, which takes place from 10am onwards on weekends.

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  1. I can relate as I have been to so many places and have traveled to so many locations due to my field of work aside from just visiting places.

    Upon travel, there is so much to take in around us whether big, small, insignificant or the regular depending on what may satisfy or spark a person’s fancy.

    The journey, like you said, is often better than the destination as the path that gets us there is a road of exploration that can enhance our experience while also inspiring us to seek out other destinations upon multiple interesting discoveries.

    The journey is never-ending.

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