His House (2020) (6.5/10) – Horror review

“Psychological and challenging Horror. Not chilling, but had a message”.  Intro  Had a long week ?? Unwind with the new Netflix Horror “His House” review here … His House is a 2020 (Drama/Horror/Thriller) movie.  Horror Impact  The premise and background of the film cleverly increases the vulnerability of the characters. Themes such as poverty and […]


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014) “Extremely boring, and certainly not scary” – (3/10).

Intro Happy new year everyone ! By the time you see this post, you’ll be one week into 2021. I must say, this coming year doesn’t have much competition, so I’d certainly hope it goes slightly better than 2020. The one true constant though, will be regular posting to my blog. I’ll consistently provide reviews […]


Pledge 2018- (5/10) Horror movie review – “Promising start, but becomes monotonous”.

Intro  Pledge is a 2018 (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) movie, according to IMDb. Hopefully this film will spread some light on why you shouldn’t be concerned about missing parties during COVID, too much … Horror Impact  The first scene possessed a few elements of a good Horror. Unfortunately many of the elements seen, weren’t repeated later on. These […]


The Domestics Horror review (2018) – “Little bit of comedy, bit of action, nothing scary” – (6.5/10).

The Domestics Horror review  (2018) “Little bit of comedy, bit of action, nothing scary” – (6.5/10).  Introduction  Ho-ho-hope you have a Jolly safe Christmas with this early Horror review, live on Christmas Day !! 🎄:) According to IMDb, The Domestics is a 2018 English (Action/Horror/Sci-fi) movie.  Horror Impact  Immediate action and war themes were evident. The […]

Pyewacket (2017) Horror review- “A real mixed bag, one with a good opening, and an exciting finale” (6/10).

Introduction  Pyewacket is a 2017 (Drama,Horror,Mystery), according to IMDb.  Horror impact The Opening  Melodic prayer provides suspense from the off, thrusting you into a spiritual world, where beliefs may be more important than reality. Darkness and nature provide an immediate sense of viewer vulnerability.  Sound is used highly variably, which seems to enhance frequently varied […]


The Tunnel (2011) Horror review (8/10) – “Shockingly real, but slow in parts”.

The Tunnel (2011) Horror review (8/10) – “Shockingly real, but slow in parts”.  Introduction  According to IMDb, “The Tunnel”, is a 2011 Horror/Mystery/Thriller movie.  From the off, the tunnel provides unique music and sound effects. It also possesses frames that detail the evidence of something very real and scary, and entices you into a captivating […]


Henry Westons Medium dry “cloudy” vintage cider review – (8.75/10) “Tangy and woody offering. Not unique though”.

The Good  “Good value for the range”.  “Practical”.  “Nice bottle design”.  “Light carbonation, as promised”.  “Good level of acidity”.  “Woodiness clearly apparent”.  “Full flavoured”.  “Pleasant mouthfeel”.  “Sweetness apparent”.  “Fruity and natural smell as promised”.  “Well balanced”.  “Smooth”.  The Bad  “Not quite sweet enough”.  “Mouthfeel not as thick as promised”.  “No bottle backstory”. “Dryness barely noticeable”.  […]

In Fear (2013) Movie review “Weird and repetitive film, seldom had an interesting moment”- (4/10).

In Fear (2013) movie review “Weird and repetitive film, seldom had an interesting moment”- (4/10).  Introduction  In Fear is a 2013 Horror/Mystery/Thriller movie. It is currently on the All 4 catch up app.  The Good  Clear and simple plot. Eerie sounds used.  Evil not revealed too soon.  Unusual happenings.  Some psychological elements.  Action-packed moments occasionally […]


Ghost stories 2017 Horror review “Bit slow, funny though” (7/10).

Ghost stories 2017 Horror review “Bit slow, funny though” (7/10). Introduction  Ghost stores features 3 Horror stories as told by a mystery investigator. It is a film currently on BBC iPlayer and is a 2017 Horror/Drama.  The Good  Light-hearted and varied.  Multiple stories to prevent boredom.  Enough background information to keep things realistic.  Element of […]