#344 Adnams Wild wave cider review – “Tangy, natural, and indulgent” – (8.0/10).

The Good  “Clear brand message”. “Cutting edge can”. “Full mouthfeel”. “Tangy character”. “Natural taste”. “Natural, tangy, smell”. “Natural sweetness”. The Bad  “Quite expensive”.  “Not overly practical”.  “Not session-able”.  “Overbearing acidity”. “Unbalanced”. “Harsh”. Introduction  Adnams is well known for production of beer and spirits, yet the notion of cider is rather innovative. Humour is evident on […]

#328 Sainsbury’s Mulled cider, Ginger, Clove, and Clementine review – “Warming and spicy, yet clashing and unbalanced”- (8.25/10).

Why you should read …Ever wondered how good Sainsbury’s festive cider is? Read on to find out … The Good “Festive bottle design”. “Light carbonation”. “Quite practical”. “Good value”. “Warming and spicy character”. “Natural flavour”. “Full flavoured”. “Thin to moderate mouthfeel”. “Natural feel”. “Lasting aftertaste”. The Bad “Bottle colours clash”. “No dryness”. “Weak smell”. “Weak […]

#310 Sandford Orchards Devon Red cider review (6.5/10).

– “Natural with good branding. Lacking character and strength”. [Why you should read …Ever wondered how good the cider is from Devon? Read on to find out …]. (Please note: Cold virus present when sampling). The Good “Strong branding”. “Moderate carbonation”. “Natural flavour and smell”. “Not unpleasant”. “Well balanced”. “Session-able”. The Bad “Lacking sweetness”. “Lacking […]

#309 Tillington Hills Premium Dry Cider (Co-op) review – “Unbalanced, yet characterful, dry”- (8.5/10).

Why you should read: Visited the co-op recently, and wondered if Tillington hills cider is worth a try? Then look no further … The Good “Natural flavour”. “Unique dryness sensation”. “Strong dryness as promised”. “Reasonable value”. “Taste not overpowering”. “Practical”. “Good quality bottle design”. “Some character in smell”. “Character present, as indicated”. “Some bitterness”. “Characterful […]

#303 Orchard English Vintage Cider 2021 review – “It didn’t appeal to my taste, but had some interesting elements to it- (6.0/10)”.

[Why you should read … Looking for a good value stronger supermarket cider? Not sure if the quality of cheaper cider is up to fussy taste-buds? Then read on for discovery] The Good  “Fairly practical”.  “Good value”. “Pleasant medium dryness”. “Noticeable bitterness”.  “Distinctive character”.  “Session-able”. “Quite smooth”. “Natural taste”. “Developing dry aftertaste”. The Bad  “Weak […]

#294 Leckford Estate 2020 vintage – Cox’s apple cider medium dry review – “Some natural variety, but lacking anything impactful” – (8.25/10). 

The Good “Positive sustainability brand message”. “Reasonable value”.  “Practical”. “Natural and pleasant smell”. “Acidity developing well”. “Good natural sweetness”. “Well balanced”. “Full flavour”.  “Natural flavour”. “Smooth taste and aftertaste”. “Some distinctive taste variety”. “Nicely session-able”. The Bad  “No dryness, which was promised”. “Absent of promised carbonation”.  “Bland packaging”. “Acidity lacking initially”. “Thin mouthfeel”.  “No bitterness”. […]

#278 Sidra El Gaitero semi-seca cider review – “Vibrant, lively, and well balanced”- (9.0/10).  

Sidra El Gaitero semi-seca cider review  The Good  “Good carbonation level”.  “Well balanced”. “Balanced sweetness”. “Natural flavour”. “Harshness a well balanced part of the character”. “Pleasant, persistent aftertaste”.  “Good scent”. “Confident acidity”. “Practical”. “Good value”. The Bad  “Dryness absent”.  “Slightly thin mouthfeel”. “Lacking a little complexity”.  Packaging  El Gaitero means “the piper” in Spanish, which […]

#272 Christmas Crafty nectar No. 7 Craft cider review !! – “Well rounded and Oaky” – (9/10). 

Christmas Crafty nectar No. 7 Craft cider review !! – “Well rounded and Oaky” – (9/10). The Good  “Warming natural and oaky smell”.  “Eye catching bottle” “Modern and consumer centred brand”.   “Pleasantly tangy”. “Medium dryness as promised”.  “Sufficient sweetness”. “Characterful woody taste”.  “Rich and natural taste”. “Full flavour”.  “Very well balanced”.  “Nicely session-able”.  “Great medium […]

#268 Kopparberg Spiced apple cider review “Distinctive, but dull” – (6.5/10). 

The Good “Practical”. “Natural and warming smell”. “Some character”. “Somewhat natural taste”. “Well balanced”. “Fairly smooth taste”. “Pleasant aftertaste of cinnamon”. The Bad  “Unclear band message”. “Dull bottle design”. “Expensive”. “Carbonation too light”. “Weak tang”. “No dryness”. “Lacking sweetness”. “No bitterness”. “Weak taste”. “Thin mouthfeel”. Note: Virus present when sampling  Packaging  Kopparberg is a town […]

#263 Pulpt Flare superior south west cider review – “Well balanced, with some character” – (7.5/10).  

Pulpt Flare superior south west cider review – “Well balanced, with some character” – (7.5/10).  The Good  “Bright colours, youth branding”.  “Attractive and informative packaging”. “Pleasant and natural, fruity smell”. “Carbonation light, as promised”. “Natural flavour”.  “Distinctive taste”. “Nicely session-able”. “Well balanced”. “Mostly smooth”. “Distinctive tangy aftertaste”. The Bad  “Thin mouthfeel”. “Carbonation level too light”.  […]