#325 Brightlingsea Summer adventure

Having taken the train from Colchester to Alresford, I then assisted a lady with her pram, to alight. That would be my final good deed of the day, but it was enough to start my day with a sense of being “the good Samaritan”, rather than the “rugged intrepid explorer”. Explorer, was a slight exaggeration […]

#324 Mersea island adventure – “Mersea island is a pleasant location for a meal out, or brief visit”.

Typically up to one hour either side of high tide, you can cross over the Strood. within this, it gets covered by the Colne and Blackwater estuaries. I rode my bike to the Strood, having planned to reach it at low tide. When passing onto the island, there was one split in the road, directing […]

#323 Osea Island adventure – “Finding it is an adventure in itself, for a fun and free trip out”.

Despite a sudden abundance of free time, the usual lack of friends in the same situation was occurring. Fortunately, there was an exception booked in the diary. October 5th. An otherwise uneventful Wednesday. A first peer into Santa’s grotto for the year at a local garden Centre which preceded café chat focused on work, Christmas, […]

#322 Smoothie review – Innocent Blueberries, Peaches & Apples (Sainsbury’s) “Too much of a good thing” (8.5/10).

Why you should read? Ever been stuck in a hotel room for several weeks, unable to cook anything healthy, feeling the lack of nutrients sap your strength and energy? Perhaps it’s time for a fruity smoothie? Weight loss rating = Medium The Good “Ideal mouthfeel”. “Great value”. “Packaging consistent with brand message”. “Good brand message”. […]

#320 Harpoon Horror movie review (2019) “Strong beginning and ending, but lacking consistency” – (6.0/10).

Introduction Harpoon is a 2019 Horror/Comedy/Thriller movie, according to IMDb. Impact Narration at the beginning was used to introduce the background. This continued at various points throughout, lightening the mood, but more importantly providing a little entertainment to minimise boredom, during less action-packed stages. This enhanced comedy touches, of which some worked well, whilst others […]

#318 West Stow and Hengrave hall 2022, summer day trip –

“West stow Anglo-Saxon village is a great destination if staying in West Suffolk for a day trip. It isn’t terribly expensive, and I would have entered if I wasn’t so poor” … Why you should read? Hello readers, and happy Friday! What could be more fitting than a summer day trip summary from a short […]

#317 Joyride Horror movies (1-3) – Which is Best?

“For the Horror fan… Watch the first 2 films, then consider starting the 3rd.”. Why you should read? For a truly scary movie involving stalking and gore, which Joyride is worth a watch? Read on to find out… Introduction: Having seen so much interest in my 3rd Joyride movie review, posted several weeks ago (Sources […]