Sidra El Gaitero semi-seca cider review 

The Good 

“Good carbonation level”. 

“Well balanced”.

“Balanced sweetness”.

“Natural flavour”.

“Harshness a well balanced part of the character”.

“Pleasant, persistent aftertaste”. 

“Good scent”.

“Confident acidity”.


“Good value”.

The Bad 

“Dryness absent”. 

“Slightly thin mouthfeel”.

“Lacking a little complexity”. 


El Gaitero means “the piper” in Spanish, which refers to the traditional bagpipe players of the region which produces the cider. Ciders from this producer have been described as highly carbonated, fragrant, and sharp in taste.

Produced by El Gaitero, semi-seca is a semi dry cider made in Valle ballina y Fernandez, which is a winery in the northern Spanish community of Asturias, made in the town of Villaviciosa. This cider was presented in an ostentatious green, wine-style bottle, with champagne cork to fasten. The drink was purchased in a supermarket in Spain, and appeared good value relative to even cheap low ABV offerings, such as Inches cider (linked below), which came in at £2 for the session.

El Gaitero Cost just 1.85 euros, £1.56 equivalent, per bottle at the time of purchase.

The cider had a low 4.1% ABV, however due to the high 750ml bottle volume, this provided a practical volume of alcohol to comply with U.K. government recommendations, of 3.1 units. This sits well within the maximum recommended limit of 3-4 units per adult male, per day. 


The smell was natural and lasted well.


The cider appeared moderately carbonated, which appeared to intensify the flavour well. The drink had a strong tang, however whilst confident, this didn’t overpower the sweetness. Consequently, the drink was well balanced. 

Dryness appeared notably absent, since the bottle promised moderate dryness. This was a shame.

There was a natural and fruity flavour, however sweetness wasn’t noticeable, again suggesting this was well balanced with the acidity. 

Whilst the mouthfeel was rather thin, this was compensated for by the strong flavour. It’s character was lively and vibrant, and it was unclear if this was attributable to the carbonation or acidity. It was rather harsh, but this was nicely balanced.

The aftertaste had no transition from the main flavour, such it was just a continuation. This was pleasant, and lasted well though. It therefore didn’t have the complexity of some drinks. 

“Vibrant, lively, and well balanced”.

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