Now you see me 2013 Heist movie review – “Action-packed and unexpected” – (8/10). 

The Good 

“Strong camera work”.

“Good acting”. 

“Fear of the unknown used well”.

“Plot twists”. 

“Action packed”. 

The Bad 

“Tough to follow at times”. 

“Scenes were a little repetitive”. 

“Too many perspectives”. 


Now you see me is a 2013 Crime/Mystery/Thriller movie, according to IMDb. 

Thriller impact 

The cast was played by a spectra of famous actors including Jesse Eisenberg and Morgan freeman. Key themes of the movie emerged quickly and entertainingly, with sharp camera shots and narration. Crime became a dominant theme accompanying magic, as the movie progressed. 

The movie used a Horror mechanism known as “fear of the unknown”, by challenging the viewer through paradoxical thoughts, concerning risk. The more under pressure or threat magicians appeared, the more in their element they were, and potentially the more comfortable the impression they conveyed. 

The ending had a key plot twist which was unexpected, and the movie ensures you were always uncertain of what to believe. It was overall a captivating finale, and the movie was action packed throughout. 


Action-packed and unexpected.

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