Adnams Wild wave cider review – “Tangy, natural, and indulgent” – (8.0/10).

The Good  “Clear brand message”. “Cutting edge can”. “Full mouthfeel”. “Tangy character”. “Natural taste”. “Natural, tangy, smell”. “Natural sweetness”. The Bad  “Quite expensive”.  “Not overly practical”.  “Not session-able”.  “Overbearing acidity”. “Unbalanced”. “Harsh”. Introduction  Adnams is well known for production of beer and spirits, yet the notion of cider is rather innovative. Humour is evident on […]

#343 Resident evil 2002 Horror movie review (6/10). 

Should I watch ? More for the action and adventure, than Horror fan. Is worth a watch though for general entertainment.  Introduction  Resident evil is a 2002 Action/Horror/Sci-fi movie, according to IMDb.  Summary  An interesting and entertaining opening clearly outlines the plot. The story is basic but clear, and action is regular, whilst Horror elements […]

#342 Choose or Die Horror movie review – “Some pretty messed up themes, but nothing special”- (5/10).

Introduction  Choose or Die is a 2022 Drama/Horror/Thriller movie, according to IMDb.  Impact  Like a worse version of Nerve really, a 2016 Thriller/Action movie. It had some of the shock factor, but tension building was short lived. Can’t say I would recommend for a watch, although the concept was easy to grasp. Summary  “Some pretty […]

#341 Come Play Horror movie review- “Walks you through the Horror gateway well” – (7.0/10).

#341 Come Play Horror movie review- “Walks you through the Horror gateway well” – (7.0/10). Should I watch? For the Horror fan, yes you certainly should…  Introduction Come Play is a 2020 Drama/Horror/Mystery, according to IMDb. Impact Fear of the unknown was immediately used. Sounds were used well, with dramatic tones. Lights were cut suddenly, in […]


#339 The Deep House (2021) movie review – “Horror themes, but inadequate shocks and setting changes” – (5.5/10). 

  Should I watch? No overall. It was okay towards the end, but not on my watchlist. Introduction  The Deep House is a 2021 (Drama/Horror/Mystery) movie, according to IMDb.  Impact  Graphics and special effects were lacking, with the appearance of a house within an aquarium impression, rather than the lake. Lacking authenticity therefore… Sound volume […]

#333 YouTube comment scam- “Stay safe online, followers…”- (0/10).

Why you should read? Left a comment on a YouTube video recently? Perhaps you thought your sarcastic sense of humour may get the attention of the YouTuber. Perhaps you may be flattered to hear that he replies to your comment, suggesting it was so good it’s won a prize. All you have to do now […]