Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10). 

Apartment complex, breaking rules, Los Angeles, David Marmor, American, horror, film

The Good 

“Psychologically challenging”. 

“Suffering features”.


“Good sound effects”.

“Light used well to symbolise emotions”.

“Instills viewer fear”.

“Good acting”.

The Bad 

“Predictable ending”. 


Apartment 1BR is a 2019 (Drama, Horror, Thriller) movie, according to IMDb. 


Darkness and the unusual quickly featured, with unusual social and physical environments shown. The lead characters quiet and shy personality, added to viewer impression of vulnerability. 


Psychological elements came in with a sense of isolation, created through a lack of rapport and connection to others, of the lead character. This developed into a concern about the wishes of others, with a sense of character paranoia. Not knowing what to belief, painted impressions of delusion. 

Evil is mostly depicted based on light and sound effects, and the source is frequently changed, keeping the viewer guessing. 


Adding to the psychological aspects, suffering and torture appeared as themes. Violence and gore were used in combination with suffering, testing character resolve in macabre ways. 

Sound was used almost to torment, with repetitive lyrics used to reinforce tension. Sound effects of suffering also featured well, including vocals, and weapon noise.


Initiation was used as a means of testing character, however this was cleverly used to highlight multiple physical and psychological Horror elements. The element of commune subculture, created a sense of Horror, by highlighting how typical cultural norms weren’t present within the characters’ environments. This created unease for the viewer, encouraging a sense of mental challenge. 


The film challenged what the viewer feels is right and wrong, switching between a positive to negative sense of the community frequently. 


Scary and psychological.

Apartment 1BR has a rich complex of Horror mechanisms, and certainly instills a level of fear in the viewer. The setting provides a rich source of Horror, with the ending continuing to challenge the viewer psychologically in terms of their subjective sense of right or wrong.

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Tags: apartment, 1BR, 2019, Drama, Horror, Thriller, reaseaorg, reviews, cult, commune, initiation, security, openness, selflessness, acceptance, movie, Apartment complex, breaking rules, Los Angeles, David Marmor, American, horror, film

Tags: apartment, 1BR, 2019, Drama, Horror, Thriller, reaseaorg, reviews, cult, commune, initiation, security, openness, selflessness, acceptance, movie, Apartment complex, breaking rules, Los Angeles, David Marmor, American, horror, film

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