The Good 

“Dark themes frequent”.

“Vulnerability shown”.

“Crime emerged quickly”. 

“Good plot complexity”.

“Sense of character attachment”.

“Darkness frequently used”.

“Element of surprise worked well”.

“Tension maintained by action”.

“Plenty of surprises”

“Twist at the end”.

“Multiple horror mechanisms used well”.

The Bad 

“Camera shots limited”.

“Limited tension building effects e.g. lighting”.


Don’t breathe is a  2016 Crime/Horror/Thriller movie according to IMDb.


Dark themes were shown from the word go, with volume getting ramped up to highlight traumatic scenes. Vulnerability was shown.

Crime emerged quickly which highlights good plot complexity. 

Relationships were established, promoting viewer character attachment. Darkness was used frequently, and the element of surprise worked well at times of tension. 

Camera shots could have been varied more, and tension building may have benefited from greater effects, such as variation in light levels. 

Vulnerability increased throughout, as further events unfolded, and tension was frequently maintained, by action.

Gore, sheer brutality, and a sense of hope, put this horror up with the best I have watched. The ending had a good twist too. Plenty of surprises and shocks occurred throughout, and there was never a dull moment. 

Towards the end, themes culminated in desperation, and were far deeper in emotional distress than the initial atmosphere, when the film started. 


“One of the best horror films I have seen, and I have seen a lot “…

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