#317 Joyride Horror movies (1-3) – Which is Best?

“For the Horror fan… Watch the first 2 films, then consider starting the 3rd.”. Why you should read? For a truly scary movie involving stalking and gore, which Joyride is worth a watch? Read on to find out… Introduction: Having seen so much interest in my 3rd Joyride movie review, posted several weeks ago (Sources […]

#306 The Invisible Man (2020) Horror movie review

“Strong display of tension, losing Horror emphasis at times…”- (8.5/10). Why you should read? Love films that retain a sense of mystery throughout? Love films featuring a combination of Horror, Crime, and Drama themes? Introduction  According to ImDb, The invisible man is a 2020 (Drama/Horror/Mystery) movie. Impact  Some level of suspense built immediately, with early […]

#300 Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10).  

Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10).  Apartment complex, breaking rules, Los Angeles, David Marmor, American, horror, film The Good  “Psychologically challenging”.  “Suffering features”. “Paranoia”.  “Good sound effects”. “Light used well to symbolise emotions”. “Instills viewer fear”. “Good acting”. The Bad  “Predictable ending”.  Introduction  Apartment 1BR is a 2019 (Drama, Horror, Thriller) movie, […]

#299 Vivarium (2019) (Horror/Mystery/Sci -fi) review – “Slightly strange happenings, and relationship turmoil” – (8.0/10). 

House hunt to entrapment in a maze of identical houses… Just a young couple looking for their perfect home ? Film directed by Lorcan Finnegan. “Slightly strange happenings, and relationship turmoil” – (8.0/10). According to IMDb, Vivarium is a 2019 (Horror/Mystery/Sci-fi) movie.  The Good  “Emotions played well”.  “Interesting concept”. “Clear storyline”. “Plenty of action”.  “Some […]

#297 Sun Don’t shine (2012) Horror movie review – “Psychological and atmospheric” – (7.5/10).  

The Good  “Facial expression well used”. “Atmospheric effects used well”.  “Powerful character emotions”.  “Increases in depth throughout”.  “Sound, an effective tool”. “Neglect and rejection feature”. “Psychologically challenging ending”. The Bad  “Starts a little slowly”.  “Not really a Horror”.  “Backstories aren’t painted clearly”.  Introduction  Following a pleasant cycle spin from my new home, I settle down […]

#293 The Wolf of snow hollow Horror review -“Entertaining, with some tension at times” – (7/10). 

Introduction  The Wolf of snow hollow is a 2020 (Comedy/Horror/Mystery) movie, according to IMDb. The Good “Mystery element featured”. “Good use of darkness and effects at times”. “Acting was good”. “Grading used well”. “Music contrasts were effective”. “Clear plot”. The Bad “Lack of close up camera shots”. “Tension often cut too early”. “Predictable plot at […]

#292 Requiem for a Dream 2000 Horror review “Strong ending as a shocking Horror” – (8/10).  

Introduction  Requiem for a dream is a 2000 Drama, according to IMDb. We however reviewed as a Horror, since the Drama features darker themes, and we would argue it meets the criteria for this genre. Impact  Whilst the plot develops slowly, it uses music volume well, along with several stories running simultaneously. There are frequent […]

#291 Hostel: Part III (2011) – (6.5/10).

Hostel: Part III (2011) – (6.5/10) – “Clear plot with some surprises, better than part II ”.  The Good  “Surprising opening ”.  “Psychological elements”. “Action-packed ending”. “Memorable ending”.  The Bad  “Uncertain genre”.  “Repetitive themes”. “Tension climax limited”. Introduction  On February 26th 2021, I posted my first Hostel horror movie review. Fast forward just over a […]

#289 Constantine (2005) Horror movie review – “More fantasy, than Horror” – (6.0/10).

The Good  “Action-packed second half”. “Good acting”.  “Interesting visuals”. “Dramatic scenes”. “Frequent evil manifestations”.  The Bad  “No special effects”. “Minimal tension”.  “Lacking gore”. “Evil manifestations not scary”. Introduction  Constantine is a 2005 Action/Fantasy/Horror movie, according to IMDb. Impact  It was clear effects were absent, and tension wasn’t frequently felt. Whilst surrealism was depicted flamboyantly, tension […]