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The Menu is a 2022 Comedy, Horror, Thriller movie, according to IMDb.


I reviewed Unhinged thanks to the recommendation from TheForkingTruth. See her blog linked below (sources), and be sure to check out that post here first #329 Unhinged (2020) Thriller movie review (8.0/10) – “Action throughout, intermittent tension. Not totally believable, sometimes predictable”. – Reasonedandseasoned (

Similarly to Unhinged, tension was quickly built through action, however in “The Menu”, this was based on a sense of control, since characters were forced to share the physical environment of their hosts, providing their menu. Therefore host characters were naturally in control of them, rather than having to actively create a sense of control, as was the case in Unhinged. In that case, it was achieved through modification of lead characters’ social environments.

This element elicited some degree of viewer anticipation, of what was still to come.

The natural structure of menu courses, continued this anticipation through their introduction, but also allowed visual displays of written comedy. The atmosphere, painted through sudden sounds and colours, maintained early onset tension levels.

Character distress was heightened through psychological torment, emotions displayed torment well through effective acting.

Intimidation was increased through facial expression, and proximity.

The tension through anger, was accompanied by increasing sound and darkness levels.

Gore and violence increased dramatically, midway through. This took longer than I would expect from an effective Horror though. Suspense was retained, through not revealing key secrets until the films’ midpoint. Fortunately, there were also many related secrets, stowed within the cast. These maintained plot intrigue, until the movie concluded.


“Similar to Unhinged, with greater character vulnerability”.

Should I watch?

YES, you definitely should …

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  1. I LOVED The Menu. The plot unfolded at the perfect pace considering where it was headed. It opens with enough creep factor for the viewer to guess that something bad was about to happen, but what and why? An incredible social commentary wrapped in a delicious (pun intended) horror/comedy shell.

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