The Good 

“Frequently changed scenery”.

“Plenty of action”. 

“Some good acting”.

“Some good comedy”.

“Improving comedy”. 

The Bad 

“Superficial character attachment”.

“Lack of tension” .

“No real twists”.


Jumanji: The Next level is a 2019 Action/Adventure/Comedy movie.


Jamanji began with some basic background and context, like the original. It was clear the plot was basic, yet action began not too long after the start. Certain characters like the grandfather, enhanced the films’ comedy value, and every now and again there was a moment of light-hearted humour. On occasion, comedy worked much better than anticipated, and improved throughout.

Scenery was frequently changed, retaining interest levels. Action didn’t build much tension, and character attachment was mostly superficial.

The ending didn’t have a twist, but was heart warming.


Surprisingly funny and light-hearted.

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