#205 Insidious Horror Comparison – Final 2

Insidious 3 vs 4
Edge of your seat ? Or edge of your attention ?
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#306 The Invisible Man (2020) Horror movie review

“Strong display of tension, losing Horror emphasis at times…”- (8.5/10). Why you should read? Love films that retain a sense of mystery throughout? Love films featuring a combination of Horror, Crime, and Drama themes? Introduction  According to ImDb, The invisible man is a 2020 (Drama/Horror/Mystery) movie. Impact  Some level of suspense built immediately, with early […]


#302 Under the silver lake (2018) (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie review “Cleverly thought-provoking and somewhat psychological Horror/Romance” -(8.0/10).

Why you should read? Are you a fan of variety including: Romance, Mysteries, Setting changes, Pets, and Horror mechanisms in thought-provoking, and somewhat psychological movies? Then look no further… Introduction  According to IMDb, Under the Silver lake is a 2018 (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie.  Impact  The unusual features early on, with some low level gore and character […]


#285 Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) “Surprisingly funny and light-hearted” – (8.0/10).  

The Good  “Frequently changed scenery”. “Plenty of action”.  “Some good acting”. “Some good comedy”. “Improving comedy”.  The Bad  “Superficial character attachment”. “Lack of tension” . “No real twists”. Introduction  Jumanji: The Next level is a 2019 Action/Adventure/Comedy movie. Impact  Jamanji began with some basic background and context, like the original. It was clear the plot […]


#284 The Green room restaurant review – Colchester (4/5) 

Introduction  Hello fellow, fellows. Enjoy my first restaurant review below !! I visited the Green room restaurant Colchester for a meal out with family. Summary  I was immediately made to feel welcome by friendly staff. I opted for the chicken supreme, followed by the rhubarb crumble. The chicken was perfectly cooked and well presented. It […]


#276 The Beta test – Horror review – “Strong beginning and finish, slightly one dimensional mystery” – (7.5/10). 

The Good  “Thought-provoking finish”.  “Tension built well”.  “Darker romantic themes used well”.  “Gore and nightmares feature”. “Frequent setting changes”. “Mind captivating finale”. The Bad  “One dimensional plot”.  “Insufficient scares for Horror”. “Genre unclear”. Introduction  The Beta test is a Comedy, Horror, and Thriller movie, according to IMDb.  Horror impact  Gore was notable from the off. […]

#265 Bolt from the Blue Smoothie (9.0/10) – “Session-able balance”. 

The Good  “Taste has character”. “Near perfect acidity”.  “Good balance”. “Nicely session-able”. “Natural taste throughout”. “Pleasant fruity and tangy aftertaste”. “Good medium mouthfeel”. “Smooth throughout”. “Fresh and natural scent”. “Cheaper than many others”. The Bad  “Lacking sweetness”. “Initially weak flavour”. “Disappointing brand message”.   Packaging  Bolt from the Blue smoothie costs £2.15 per 330ml bottle (65p […]

 #259 The Hunt Horror (2020)  “Odd opening, but clarity and excitement by the finale”.  – (7.5/10). 

Introduction  Our Horror posts are back with The Hunt. The Hunt is a 2020 (Horror/Action/Thriller) movie.  Impact  The Hunt began with a slightly odd scene, which didn’t feature anything particularly scary or Horror-related. The opening was therefore a little underwhelming, until gore began to feature more frequently. Tension-building was rather absent at times, but this […]

#253 The Old Guard “Good concept and conclusion” – (6.5/10).

Introduction  Whilst I am enjoying the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, exciting movies still help pass the time. This review makes a change from my usual Horror posts, although features some elements of a good Horror. The Old Guard is a 2020 (Action/Adventure/Fantasy) movie, available on Netflix as of July 2021. Impact  As a Horror, the start […]

#235 The Pact 2012 Horror review – “Worth a watch, but not particularly scary”-(6/10).

Introduction  Had a long week ?? Unwind with the Horror “The Pact” review here … The Pact is a 2012 (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) movie.  Horror Impact  The Unusual opens the show, with odd camera shots and music. Clever camera movements are used to increase tension without revealing anything.  The plot identifies how individuals notice things, increasing paranoia […]