The Good 

“Emotions enhance distress”.

“Volume varied cleverly”. 

“Unusual features frequently”.

“Horror shown immediately”.

“Scene set well”.

“Distinctive plot”.

“Variety of music used”.

“Evil presented visually”.

“Darkness used well”.

“Plenty of mystery”.

“Settings varied well”. 

“Gore used”.

The Bad 

“Dated effects”.

“Plot unclear at times”. 

“Occasionally slow”. 


Silent hill is a 2006 Horror/Mystery movie, according to IMDb.


Emotional tones and high voice volumes from the off painted a picture of distress. It was clear vulnerability, was immediately shown. The unusual was quickly established thereafter.

Plot was distinctive, and scene was set well. Music was frequently varied, and sounds featured strongly. Contrast in volume, based on setting, was used very cleverly.

Some freaky representations of evil were revealed, however effects were clearly not modern or innovative. 

Sufficient mystery was retained to retain viewer engagement throughout.

Darkness was used well in times of tension, to create a more negative ambience.

Themes such as war and sense of vulnerability were established well, based on physical surroundings.

Gore was used effectively, as an additional tool towards the end of the movie. Violence and torture remained key themes seen throughout.

Many dimensions were apparent in the movie, depicted with various visuals.

Whilst most of the film retained action, the explanation of movie background went on a little long and wasn’t overly clear, reducing horror impact slightly. This was clever though.


Thought provoking, gory and action-packed.

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