Silent hill 2006 Horror movie review – (8.5/10) – “Thought provoking, gory and action-packed”. 

The Good  “Emotions enhance distress”. “Volume varied cleverly”.  “Unusual features frequently”. “Horror shown immediately”. “Scene set well”. “Distinctive plot”. “Variety of music used”. “Evil presented visually”. “Darkness used well”. “Plenty of mystery”. “Settings varied well”.  “Gore used”. The Bad  “Dated effects”. “Plot unclear at times”.  “Occasionally slow”.  Introduction  Silent hill is a 2006 Horror/Mystery movie, […]

The hills have eyes (2006) Horror – (7.5/10) – “Squeamish horror at certain points”.

 The hills have eyes (2006) Horror – (7.5/10) – “Squeamish horror at certain points”.  Intro  With the “The hills have eyes” horror movie totally new to me, I’ve decided to give my thoughts in prose, for it. I have attested my honest opinion, on what is good and bad, without analysing deeply. This post is […]