Saw III and IV – Thoughts and ratings

“My pick would certainly be Saw IV, which I recommend you watch”.


With the Saw horror movie series totally new to me, I’ve decided to give my thoughts in prose, for each. I have attested my honest opinion, on what is good and bad, without analysing deeply. This post is more “My thoughts”, rather than a full review …

Today is the turn of Saw III and IV.


Saw 3 (III) – My thoughts (7.5/10) (2006)

The opening was very cringeworthy, gory, and had excellent horror themes. The acting emotions were highly believable, getting the viewer nicely captivated.

Parts of the film took gore to a new level, with the viewer highly tempted to look away. The movie plot seemed more elaborate here, so wasn’t totally clear at times.

The middle became a little too complex, yet the ending luckily restored balance.


Saw 4 (IV) – My thoughts (8.0/10) (2007)

A calm opening lead to the well set scene here. It nicely eases you into another movie, with a greater feel of mystery this time. Gore is a theme from the off, and sparse action scenes prevent the viewer getting bored.

Whilst the middle, lacked the high-octane stuff action fans would love, the mystery unraveled in the end, with a strong concluding twist.


Saw IV built slowly with the introduction, but worked very well in storyline and mystery level. Saw III was more of a horror, yet the plot was a bit confusing.

“My pick would certainly be Saw IV, which I recommend you watch”.


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