#341 Come Play Horror movie review- “Walks you through the Horror gateway well” – (7.0/10).

#341 Come Play Horror movie review- “Walks you through the Horror gateway well” – (7.0/10). Should I watch? For the Horror fan, yes you certainly should…  Introduction Come Play is a 2020 Drama/Horror/Mystery, according to IMDb. Impact Fear of the unknown was immediately used. Sounds were used well, with dramatic tones. Lights were cut suddenly, in […]

#306 The Invisible Man (2020) Horror movie review

“Strong display of tension, losing Horror emphasis at times…”- (8.5/10). Why you should read? Love films that retain a sense of mystery throughout? Love films featuring a combination of Horror, Crime, and Drama themes? Introduction  According to ImDb, The invisible man is a 2020 (Drama/Horror/Mystery) movie. Impact  Some level of suspense built immediately, with early […]

#294 Leckford Estate 2020 vintage – Cox’s apple cider medium dry review – “Some natural variety, but lacking anything impactful” – (8.25/10). 

The Good “Positive sustainability brand message”. “Reasonable value”.  “Practical”. “Natural and pleasant smell”. “Acidity developing well”. “Good natural sweetness”. “Well balanced”. “Full flavour”.  “Natural flavour”. “Smooth taste and aftertaste”. “Some distinctive taste variety”. “Nicely session-able”. The Bad  “No dryness, which was promised”. “Absent of promised carbonation”.  “Bland packaging”. “Acidity lacking initially”. “Thin mouthfeel”.  “No bitterness”. […]

#293 The Wolf of snow hollow Horror review -“Entertaining, with some tension at times” – (7/10). 

Introduction  The Wolf of snow hollow is a 2020 (Comedy/Horror/Mystery) movie, according to IMDb. The Good “Mystery element featured”. “Good use of darkness and effects at times”. “Acting was good”. “Grading used well”. “Music contrasts were effective”. “Clear plot”. The Bad “Lack of close up camera shots”. “Tension often cut too early”. “Predictable plot at […]

 #259 The Hunt Horror (2020)  “Odd opening, but clarity and excitement by the finale”.  – (7.5/10). 

Introduction  Our Horror posts are back with The Hunt. The Hunt is a 2020 (Horror/Action/Thriller) movie.  Impact  The Hunt began with a slightly odd scene, which didn’t feature anything particularly scary or Horror-related. The opening was therefore a little underwhelming, until gore began to feature more frequently. Tension-building was rather absent at times, but this […]

#253 The Old Guard “Good concept and conclusion” – (6.5/10).

Introduction  Whilst I am enjoying the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, exciting movies still help pass the time. This review makes a change from my usual Horror posts, although features some elements of a good Horror. The Old Guard is a 2020 (Action/Adventure/Fantasy) movie, available on Netflix as of July 2021. Impact  As a Horror, the start […]

#233 The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) Horror review- “Light humoured, with occasional good effects“ (7.5/10).

The Babysitter: Killer Queen  (2020) Horror review-  “Light humoured, with occasional good effects“ (7.5/10).  Introduction  Had a long week ?? Unwind with the new Netflix Horror “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” review here … The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a 2020 (Comedy/Horror) movie.  Horror Impact  The start of the movie was exactly the same as the original, begging […]

#229 Our House Movie (2018) (5/10) – “Not terrible, but a bit tedious”.

Introduction  Had ANOTHER long week ?? Unwind with the new Netflix horror “Our House” review here … Our House is a 2018 (Drama/Horror/Mystery), according to IMDb.  Horror impact  The opening sets an interesting tone for the film, with some unexplained events. Sound and lighting could be used far more effectively though. Tension isn’t apparent at […]