Tokyo Olympics 

Sudden strength sumo …

1000 marathons in 1000 days ….

A trail of body and religion 

When will the limit come ? 

Matsuri’s are many 

Entertainment, games and religion.

An oasis for the body 

Sushi from Servi

Sushi, Sashimi, Shoyu, Miso, Natto, 

A diverse land of rich and nutritious food, and flavour !

An archipelago of nature and folklore 

Arrangements tempered,

An eight tailed, eight headed beast with red eyes. 

Waiting to descend amongst spectators 

Masks will be needed, plans tentative 

23rd July to 8th August 2021 it comes to Tokyo 

Summer for the second time since ‘64

From culture to competition, 

Hoping the fire breather, doesn’t dampen the fun. 

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