#328 Sainsbury’s Mulled cider, Ginger, Clove, and Clementine review – “Warming and spicy, yet clashing and unbalanced”- (8.25/10).

Why you should read …Ever wondered how good Sainsbury’s festive cider is? Read on to find out … The Good “Festive bottle design”. “Light carbonation”. “Quite practical”. “Good value”. “Warming and spicy character”. “Natural flavour”. “Full flavoured”. “Thin to moderate mouthfeel”. “Natural feel”. “Lasting aftertaste”. The Bad “Bottle colours clash”. “No dryness”. “Weak smell”. “Weak […]

#290 Hostel: Part II (2007) Horror movie review 

– (5.5/10) – “Occasional vulnerability, but lacking special effects”.  The Good  “Occasional sense of vulnerability”.  “Slight ending twist”. “Facial expressions used well”. “Volume appropriately changed ”. The Bad  “Lacking visual effects”.  “Lacking lighting changes”.  “Lacking camera shots”.  “Mediocre acting”.  “Slow plot progression at times”.  Introduction  On February 26th 2021, I posted my first Hostel horror […]

#285 Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) “Surprisingly funny and light-hearted” – (8.0/10).  

The Good  “Frequently changed scenery”. “Plenty of action”.  “Some good acting”. “Some good comedy”. “Improving comedy”.  The Bad  “Superficial character attachment”. “Lack of tension” . “No real twists”. Introduction  Jumanji: The Next level is a 2019 Action/Adventure/Comedy movie. Impact  Jamanji began with some basic background and context, like the original. It was clear the plot […]

#283 Don’t breathe 2 “Slow start, strong finish” -(8.0/10).  

Don’t breathe 2 “Slow start, strong finish” -(8.0/10).  The Good  “Tension building sounds”. “Developed sense of vulnerability”. “Mood contrast”. “Brutality and gore feature”.  The Bad “Less character attachment than original”. “Predictable plot till final 30 minutes”.  Introduction  Don’t breathe 2 is a 2021 Action/Crime/Horror movie.  Impact  There was action early on in the movie, with […]

#276 The Beta test – Horror review – “Strong beginning and finish, slightly one dimensional mystery” – (7.5/10). 

The Good  “Thought-provoking finish”.  “Tension built well”.  “Darker romantic themes used well”.  “Gore and nightmares feature”. “Frequent setting changes”. “Mind captivating finale”. The Bad  “One dimensional plot”.  “Insufficient scares for Horror”. “Genre unclear”. Introduction  The Beta test is a Comedy, Horror, and Thriller movie, according to IMDb.  Horror impact  Gore was notable from the off. […]

#275 Interstellar movie (8/10) – “Rich in action, emotion, and thought-provoking”. 

Interstellar movie (8/10) – “Rich in action, emotion, and thought-provoking”. The Good  “Clever ending”. “Engaging characters”. “Frequent setting changes”.  “A number of plot twists”.  The Bad  “Need a long time to watch”. “Takes a while to get into the flow”.  Introduction  Interstellar is a 2014 Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi movie.  Sci-fi impact  Sometimes how things make […]

#272 Christmas Crafty nectar No. 7 Craft cider review !! – “Well rounded and Oaky” – (9/10). 

Christmas Crafty nectar No. 7 Craft cider review !! – “Well rounded and Oaky” – (9/10). The Good  “Warming natural and oaky smell”.  “Eye catching bottle” “Modern and consumer centred brand”.   “Pleasantly tangy”. “Medium dryness as promised”.  “Sufficient sweetness”. “Characterful woody taste”.  “Rich and natural taste”. “Full flavour”.  “Very well balanced”.  “Nicely session-able”.  “Great medium […]

#269 Joyride 2001 movie review – “Tense, entertaining, with a twist at the end. Not dated one bit …” (8.5/10) 

Joyride 2001 movie review – “Tense, entertaining, with a twist at the end. Not dated one bit …” (8.5/10).  The Good  “Effective tension-building”. “Good storyline”. “Twist at the end”. “Not dated”. “Light comedy”. The Bad  “Only one source of evil”. “Characters weren’t the most interesting”. Introduction  Joyride is a 2001 Action/Mystery/Thriller, according to IMDb. Horror […]

#268 Kopparberg Spiced apple cider review “Distinctive, but dull” – (6.5/10). 

The Good “Practical”. “Natural and warming smell”. “Some character”. “Somewhat natural taste”. “Well balanced”. “Fairly smooth taste”. “Pleasant aftertaste of cinnamon”. The Bad  “Unclear band message”. “Dull bottle design”. “Expensive”. “Carbonation too light”. “Weak tang”. “No dryness”. “Lacking sweetness”. “No bitterness”. “Weak taste”. “Thin mouthfeel”. Note: Virus present when sampling  Packaging  Kopparberg is a town […]