Had ANOTHER long week ?? Unwind with the new Netflix horror “Our House” review here …

Our House is a 2018 (Drama/Horror/Mystery), according to IMDb. 

Horror impact 

The opening sets an interesting tone for the film, with some unexplained events. Sound and lighting could be used far more effectively though. Tension isn’t apparent at all, despite some level of viewer intrigue. 

The environments meant to be scary, were well lit and modern. There was no eerie atmosphere built. Whilst the films’ plot wasn’t too bad, the idea of a Horror which isn’t scary, isn’t much fun. 

Eventually, there was a moment of slight suspense, which was very short lived. It featured a dimly lit setting, through which character emotions were displayed well via troubled facial expressions. 

There was still no manifestation of anything evil though…

Events became slightly more action packed as the film progressed. The dark was used a little more, although sounds were still applied clumsily, without much focus on suspenseful tension building. 

The concept of the film appeared quite original, which was nice. 


Overall, I wouldn’t recommend you watch unless short on options, in which case for light entertainment, this isn’t too bad. 

Take home 

“Not terrible, but a bit tedious”.

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