“Psychological and challenging Horror. Not chilling, but had a message”. 


Had a long week ?? Unwind with the new Netflix Horror “His House” review here …

His House is a 2020 (Drama/Horror/Thriller) movie. 

Horror Impact 

The premise and background of the film cleverly increases the vulnerability of the characters. Themes such as poverty and desperation, are used to promote the fearful environment, and inability of those there, to leave. 

This environment isn’t known to the characters beforehand, allowing the viewer to feel slightly concerned for their welfare. Unusual environments are a key factor to any good Horror. Sounds are used well, and contrast nicely from chaotic and raucous, to eerie. Darkness is used as a Horror tool early on, suggesting the lighting impact has been well considered. 

Close up camera shots highlight troubled facial expressions. Evil isn’t revealed too early, allowing shocking sound effects and low lighting to thrill the viewer. 

Even main character orientation is considered, with the “It’s behind you” effect, clearly prevalent. Music volume was also varied between loud and quiet, during tense moments. 

Evil sightings began to emerge just in time, to prevent things dragging. A slow pace may be easily felt in films featuring a constant environment. This was certainly the case here, but thankfully these sightings helped make up for it. The film doesn’t stop at the viewers perception of evil. It effectively portrays the characters perception of it too. The film not only features psychological depictions of evil, but also cleverly allows them to seem physically scary. This, along with troubling memories, adds layers to the depth of viewer fear. 


Quite a psychological and challenging Horror. Wasn’t chilling, but had meaning behind it. 

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