#343 Resident evil 2002 Horror movie review (6/10). 

Should I watch ? More for the action and adventure, than Horror fan. Is worth a watch though for general entertainment.  Introduction  Resident evil is a 2002 Action/Horror/Sci-fi movie, according to IMDb.  Summary  An interesting and entertaining opening clearly outlines the plot. The story is basic but clear, and action is regular, whilst Horror elements […]

#342 Choose or Die Horror movie review – “Some pretty messed up themes, but nothing special”- (5/10).

Introduction  Choose or Die is a 2022 Drama/Horror/Thriller movie, according to IMDb.  Impact  Like a worse version of Nerve really, a 2016 Thriller/Action movie. It had some of the shock factor, but tension building was short lived. Can’t say I would recommend for a watch, although the concept was easy to grasp. Summary  “Some pretty […]


#339 The Deep House (2021) movie review – “Horror themes, but inadequate shocks and setting changes” – (5.5/10). 

  Should I watch? No overall. It was okay towards the end, but not on my watchlist. Introduction  The Deep House is a 2021 (Drama/Horror/Mystery) movie, according to IMDb.  Impact  Graphics and special effects were lacking, with the appearance of a house within an aquarium impression, rather than the lake. Lacking authenticity therefore… Sound volume […]

#317 Joyride Horror movies (1-3) – Which is Best?

“For the Horror fan… Watch the first 2 films, then consider starting the 3rd.”. Why you should read? For a truly scary movie involving stalking and gore, which Joyride is worth a watch? Read on to find out… Introduction: Having seen so much interest in my 3rd Joyride movie review, posted several weeks ago (Sources […]

#311 The English Teacher 2013 movie review (10/10) –

“Delightfully pitched romantic comedy, which warms every fibre of my being”. Why you should read? Feeling lonely and hoping desperately to meet the one.. This film is for you … The Good  “Challenging societal norms”. “Romance”. “Well-narrated comedy”. “Frequent setting changes”. “Relatable”. “Innovative”. “Inspiring”. “Character emotions well played”. The Bad  Can’t think of any … […]

#302 Under the silver lake (2018) (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie review “Cleverly thought-provoking and somewhat psychological Horror/Romance” -(8.0/10).

Why you should read? Are you a fan of variety including: Romance, Mysteries, Setting changes, Pets, and Horror mechanisms in thought-provoking, and somewhat psychological movies? Then look no further… Introduction  According to IMDb, Under the Silver lake is a 2018 (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie.  Impact  The unusual features early on, with some low level gore and character […]

#300 Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10).  

Apartment 1BR  (2019) movie review “Scary and psychological” – (9.0/10).  Apartment complex, breaking rules, Los Angeles, David Marmor, American, horror, film The Good  “Psychologically challenging”.  “Suffering features”. “Paranoia”.  “Good sound effects”. “Light used well to symbolise emotions”. “Instills viewer fear”. “Good acting”. The Bad  “Predictable ending”.  Introduction  Apartment 1BR is a 2019 (Drama, Horror, Thriller) movie, […]

#290 Hostel: Part II (2007) Horror movie review 

– (5.5/10) – “Occasional vulnerability, but lacking special effects”.  The Good  “Occasional sense of vulnerability”.  “Slight ending twist”. “Facial expressions used well”. “Volume appropriately changed ”. The Bad  “Lacking visual effects”.  “Lacking lighting changes”.  “Lacking camera shots”.  “Mediocre acting”.  “Slow plot progression at times”.  Introduction  On February 26th 2021, I posted my first Hostel horror […]

#275 Interstellar movie (8/10) – “Rich in action, emotion, and thought-provoking”. 

Interstellar movie (8/10) – “Rich in action, emotion, and thought-provoking”. The Good  “Clever ending”. “Engaging characters”. “Frequent setting changes”.  “A number of plot twists”.  The Bad  “Need a long time to watch”. “Takes a while to get into the flow”.  Introduction  Interstellar is a 2014 Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi movie.  Sci-fi impact  Sometimes how things make […]