Sinister Horror movie (2012) – “Takes the audience out of its comfort zone, shockingly” (7/10). 


With the extremely vulnerable now beginning to get vaccinated, why not kick back with a Horror film to enjoy the progress !!

Sinister is a 2012 (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) movie, according to IMDb. It’s available on Netflix. 

Horror impact 

Immediately highly graphic Horror themes could be seen, accompanied by sombre music. Perspective was also considered, with the setting appearing evil, despite a lack of lighting effects. The source of evil wasn’t revealed too early.

Between evil occurrences, life was portrayed believably and seemed normal, which assisted viewer engagement through relatability to the characters and plot. 

Parts of the story in the opening linked very well to later stages of the film. This showed story consideration, and is often indicative of better productions, allowing the viewer to think. 

The physical environment was well considered, with a progression in the number of Horror mechanisms applied, increasing throughout the film. In the Natural environment, darkness and weather was used well. Music utilised multiple instruments and volume changes, which worked nicely.

False alarms were also used to keep the viewer guessing, by keeping the main character guessing too. 

Camera shots were well selected to convey emotions. The film wasn’t as gory as it could’ve been, but used the emotional power of horrific scenes, to instill anguish into the characters. Symbolism was used very well. 

The mystery element helped the story develop. Danger was also present, occurring concomitantly with darkness. 

Sound effects combined shockingly, with dramatic music. 

Psychological elements began to creep in, but featured strikingly when accompanied by loud and abrupt sounds.

Proximity, position, camera shots and movement, combined with sounds and mysterious environments, gradually cranking up tension.

Tension building increased in severity throughout the film, along with characters getting believably troubled. The ending was also quite clever. 

Whilst there were moments where the story felt a touch slow, the film was certainly worth a watch. 


“Takes the audience out of its comfort zone, shockingly”

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