Pledge is a 2018 (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) movie, according to IMDb. Hopefully this film will spread some light on why you shouldn’t be concerned about missing parties during COVID, too much …

Horror Impact 

The first scene possessed a few elements of a good Horror. Unfortunately many of the elements seen, weren’t repeated later on. These included a fear of death, and fear of the unusual. In the context of the film, what was observed here seemed more normal later on, reflecting a loss of unusual happenings or settings. 

Early on, the fear of death kept the movie mildly entertaining, although this faded once it became clear it was ill-founded. 

Suspense was built well initially, using music, which enabled effective contrast between happy and Horror scenes. Sadly, music wasn’t used enough in later scenes. Assisting tension-building, some characters gave off a slightly disturbing aura. This kept the audience somewhat engaged, despite limited scenes of actual Horror. 

Environments, particularly social settings, began varied. This helped retain viewer engagement. Unfortunately, an unscary setting was kept consistent for almost the entirety of the film, allowing dullness time to spread. 

 The fear of death element returned towards the end, lifting things to a partly suspenseful action, but the lack of tension building, would leave any Horror fan wanting more …

The dark, lighting effects, disturbing sound effects, and better camera shots may have assisted the portrayal of evil. Here, this vital element of Horror just didn’t seem remotely convincing. 


Weak elements of a good Horror, slowly fading into a dull movie. A little respite due to some action in the closing stages.

Take home 

“Promising start, but becomes monotonous”. 

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