The Domestics Horror review  (2018) “Little bit of comedy, bit of action, nothing scary” – (6.5/10). 

Ho-ho-hope you have a Jolly safe Christmas with this early Horror review, live on Christmas Day !! 🎄:)

According to IMDb, The Domestics is a 2018 English (Action/Horror/Sci-fi) movie. 

Horror Impact 

Immediate action and war themes were evident. The movies’ feel became very similar to The Purge series (Linked below), featuring low levels of light comedy from the off. Sadly though, it was safe to say, there wasn’t much depth of fear factor, leaving Horror elements on the back-burner throughout. 

After the beginning, the film reclined to a dull period, before recapturing somewhat of a predictable story. Despite it’s regular presence, gore was a bit underwhelming, although there was a dusting of tension occasionally.  Moments of evil were unexpected, and surprises eventually began to emerge. Few could find solace in the highly cheesy classic radio soundtrack, which pervaded the film. 

Whilst the eccentric radio presenter facilitated slight comedic value, there wasn’t much to get excited about, till action picked up towards the end. Whilst it became watchable, due to action and a slight story thread, it certainly wasn’t a Horror, and had many dull moments without anything happening. 


“Little bit of comedy, bit of action, nothing scary”. 

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