The Tunnel (2011) Horror review (8/10) – “Shockingly real, but slow in parts”. 


According to IMDb, “The Tunnel”, is a 2011 Horror/Mystery/Thriller movie. 

From the off, the tunnel provides unique music and sound effects. It also possesses frames that detail the evidence of something very real and scary, and entices you into a captivating story. 

Horror Impact 

A serious tone was used throughout, delivering emotional impact during horror scenes. 

The premise was well explained, with sufficient mystery to keep you watching. 

Throughout the film, layers were built up, uncovering sequentially, most of the elements of a great horror. These include (the unusual, evil sightings, darkness, fear, evil objects, and gore). 

Whilst effects and editing could have produced more fearful shots, the action depicted fills the viewer with tension. In tense times, regular and sinister music tones were played. 

Early on, fear of the unknown was regularly looming, sustaining emotions. Unfortunately, this lasted too long before evil revealed itself. It was clear though, this time featured some elements aimed at keeping the audience engaged. 

Beyond the first manifestation of evil, multiple horror mechanisms helped viewer experience, including whispering then shouting, bright and no lighting, and a liberal dose of heavy breathing. 

Palpitations provided emotional force towards the end of the film, with a strikingly stark reminder of reality. 


Whilst slow in parts, with a lack of cut scenes or enhanced visual effects, the tunnel provides a shockingly real account of a tense horror story. 

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