#316 Children in Need 2022 – 18th November 2022.

#316 Children in Need 2022 – 18th November 2022. Why you should read? Yesterday was BBC children in need … This post explains a brief summary of who children in need helps, and why it is important. Summary Children In need is a fundraising organisation for over 2400 local projects and charities. In the last […]

#226 Pledge 2018- (5/10) Horror movie review – “Promising start, but becomes monotonous”.

Introduction  Pledge is a 2018 (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) movie, according to IMDb. Hopefully this film will spread some light on why you shouldn’t be concerned about missing parties during COVID, too much … Horror Impact  The first scene possessed a few elements of a good Horror. Unfortunately many of the elements seen, weren’t repeated later on. These […]