Deliver us from Evil Horror review (2014)- (6/10). All the tricks in the book, not shown in the best way for a Horror”. 


With the clinically extremely vulnerable now beginning to get vaccinated, why not kick back with a Horror film to enjoy the progress !!

Deliver us from Evil is a 2014 (Action,Adventure,Crime) movie according to IMDb. It’s available on Netflix. 

Horror impact 

Death themes were quickly established with a war-themed opening. This presented a dangerous place, one that became more scary as darkness was incorporated. 

Darkness quickly provided a setting for troubling sounds, also acting to hide evil entities.

Flies were used to show decay, with a variety of creatures featuring throughout the film.

Multiple setting changes helped the film flow, and to this end, multiple intimidating and unusual environments were included. 

Gore was present, with corpses featuring; This seldom occurred though. 

Music featured a lot of drums, and varied in volume in response to changes in mood. Sound effects combined well with music, which helped create tension during quiet moments. 

Suspense was built with a combination of dimly lit environments, and evil looking creatures. Not all evil is of a typical form, with disfigurement present at times. Much like in Sinister (last article linked below), false alarms were applied. Freaky voices were also employed well. For me, tension never reached a high enough level to be frightening though. 

I feel predictability was the main reason behind this when evil effects built gradually, or a lack of tension-building time and effects, in moments of surprise. After a while the genre impression was certainly more of a crime film with Horror themes, rather than anything particularly scary. Despite this, there were 2 scenes which worked quite well, featuring children. 

Whilst a vast array of Horror mechanisms were applied, they just didn’t work well enough here. Perhaps camera angles could’ve been used more effectively, and the pace of tension-building, better considered. 

Unusual environments provided a fearful setting, with rumbling quiet music used until shocking moments. In these moments, loud drum beats were effectively applied. Unusual happenings began to accumulate, themes were natural and reminiscent of Contracted (linked below). The unusual features both in the physical and psychological realms, with psychology becoming more prevalent later on in the film. 

Inclement weather is used following times of tension, to continue Horror themes. 

In addition to the Horror elements suggested by psychology today (Linked below under sources), another Horror theme is religion. This allows the perception of spirituality, which includes becoming connected to higher powers, which are frequently not positive. Symbolism links this element to the unusual, with symbols appearing in unusual and fearful settings. Possession and exorcism were also well considered and employed. 


“All the tricks in the book, not shown in the best way for a Horror”. 

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