Contracted horror review (9.5/10) “Shockingly awkward”.
The Good

“Great visual effects”.
“Empathy with characters”.
“In-depth storyline”.
“Relationships involved”.
“Sound used shockingly”.
“Believable character emotions”.
“Regular setting variation”.
“Twists, turns, and contrasts”.
“Plenty of plot surprises”.

The Bad

“Lack of lighting effects”.


Contracted is a 2013, Drama, Horror, Thriller, movie according to IMDb.

The setting of the scene is hardly the scene itself. It is contrasting and jovial. Perhaps spritely. The spectacle here contrasts starkly to the main movie themes to help you appreciate them more.

It introduces you to key characters and those who are featured occasionally later on.


The tale is good because tension is built slowly, against real insight to the lives of others along the way. Empathy is key to sympathising with the main character. Interactions between characters, intertwines fiction with reality so well, they almost blend. The movie becomes a combination of abnormal with normal.

Awkwardness develops well, and insecurity of others allows you to empathise deeply with the main character. This is due to understanding of their typical life, and more-so how the horror of events forthcoming, impinges that.


Definitely a horror. Lots of gore, despair, and tension. The storyline also lends itself to thriller due to the high tempo and constantly dramatic storyline. Visual effects such as makeup and sound effects, are implemented particularly well, to enhance genre themes.


Eerie sounds appear implemented to portray awkwardness, they support gore and troubling observations, which the viewer is encouraged to make.


Events continuously become progressively more disturbing throughout. The main characters isolation from normality is a great feature of the film. Plenty of setting changes lead to a stimulating watch.


“Shockingly awkward”.

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