IT horror review

The Good

“Lighting effects”.
“Dual storyline”.
“Tension built before shocks”.
“Eerie music employed”.
“Unexpected events”.
“Charming character personalities”.
“Lots of individual characters”.
“Stunning scenery”.
“Lots of regular shocks”.
“Really scary depiction of evil”.

The Bad

“Slightly too long”.
“Settings not varied enough”.
“Ending not shocking enough”.


Last weeks horror review was It comes at night. I rated this 2017 American horror film 8/10. Today we review “IT”, a pretty shocking 2017 horror movie.


The storyline is actually very stimulating. There are plenty of mysterious twists and turns until everything is neatly sewn up at the end. On the whole, IT is difficult to fault (pun intended).

The ending could have flown a little quicker, and settings could have been mixed up more for greater variety. Scenes were consistently entertaining though, courtesy of both a well-formulated storyline, great acting, and good visual effects. This made the film a good watch for those eager for mystery and thought while viewing.

Storyline was split between characters lives and evil events unfolding, which prevented a theme of just one thread. This meant dull moments were dormant throughout. Unlike evil. Mwah ha ha.


Horror is the billed genre, and is certainly the correct classification for this movie. “IT” wouldn’t fit anything else (pun intended), and that is part of it’s elegance.


The film is both poetic and artistic, with costume, colours, and blood patterns, all appearing maximally macabre. Character count is high and group’s of individuals all retain individuality throughout. This is despite unity of beliefs, at times, which shows effective script writing and casting.
Relationships are used well, with both testing and loving themes at times. Both strategically employed. Evil is depicted in a variety of ways, preventing boredom during tension building.


Sound effects and music are used fittingly throughout. Eerie and happy music blends into the captivating watch, that is this entire film. More could have been done near the ending to retain interest though. Light effects complemented the music well.


Ineffably macabre, ending a little mediocre.

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