Climax 2018 horror movie review “Fabulous conclusion and profoundly unique” – (9/10).

The Good

“Ineffable ending”.
“Fabulous build up to the end”.
“Brilliant soundtrack”.
“Great character emotions”.
“Passionate acting”.
“Strong opening”.
“Diversity of characters”.
“Clear themes established”.
“Changing camera angles”.
“Setting variety”.
The Bad

“Intro too long”.
“Horror theme too sparse at beginning”.
“Not enough plot changes”.
“Slow build up to ending”.


Climax is a 2018, Drama and Horror movie, according to IMDb. It’s produced in France, which mandates watching with subtitles on, if indeed you only speak English like me.


From the word go, horror and music themes are suggested casually. Voices and temperaments are clearly engaging, from the opening instant. A clever beginning.
Ideas to be taken further, are quickly introduced, giving you a clear sense of the main movie themes. This provides a hook to retain the viewer. Introduction is slightly too long however.
Following this, things retain interest and intensity, but the plot is slow to progress, which after a time makes things appear tiresome.
Following a slightly mediocre centre, the film progresses towards the ending nicely. Themes such as gore were well implemented here, with despair, stress, profound sadness, fear, and anger. Labelling sections with title pages throughout, also adds something. Not many films feature this.


The progression of horror vibes after the opening was too slow. It took far too long for anything shocking to occur. In parts, the film was more Drama or Adventure focused than Horror, sadly.
From the middle though, the genre became more and more of a Horror, until it actually earned it’s reputation as a great film. It was very unusual in it’s set of themes, but eventually lived up to it’s name. It was in fact, difficult to tell exactly when it became a true horror, but once the whole film had elapsed, it almost certainly did.


Characters quickly differentiated themselves by their responses to questions asked. This allowed the viewer a way into their personalities, which emotionally seemed nicely variable.
The character emotions were tested hugely from middle to end. As the film name suggests, it does build up to a “Climax”. It’s a shame that the beginning half an hour, didn’t provide sufficient horror themes, leaving the viewer only partly engaged. Thankfully though, from this point onwards: Pleasure, satisfaction, fear, despair, grief and turmoil, all ensued. Characters were well portrayed throughout, and really sculpted a distinctive signature for the film. It’s one you’ll struggle to forget.


Eerie music from the word go, ramping up to more sinister tones. Contrast used well. Music was a central theme throughout, helping its variability.
From middle to end, the music really develops into it’s own. Becoming a haunting backdrop for the horror themes that develop. The overall soundtrack is a real triumph, and very cleverly created and selected.


“Fabulous conclusion and profoundly unique”.

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