Open water 2: Adrift movie review “ Best of the trilogy by far” (8/10).

The Good

“Believable acting and emotions”.
“Best of the 3 in the series”.
“Lots of tension”.
“Lots of dying”.
“Relationships and emotions included.
“Lighting effects striking”.
“Sound used appropriately”.
“Cut scenes used”.
“Camera shots varied”.

The Bad

“Lack of continuity from the original movie”.
“Doesn’t fit into the theme of the rest of the series”.
“Confusing ending”.
“Lack of evil entities”.
“No sharks”.
“Limited scenery changes”.


Open water 2: Adrift is a 2006, Adventure, Drama and Horror film according to IMDb.
While all the open water movies play on fear as the element of horror, open water 2 is the only movie of the trilogy which doesn’t feature any sharks.


The storyline is full of varied themes. Guilt, fear, love, heartbreak, stress, distress, pain and frustration. It thereby allows characters to get properly involved in playing their part in this fluctuating plot. I must say. A pleasant spectacle. Surprisingly adept storyline. Especially considering the series it comes from.

The ending isn’t bad, but not great. It doesn’t provide closure, nor does it keep to a horror, or distressing theme, consistently. It appears a little messy. Sadly, the storyline of this movie doesn’t fit into the open water series well, if at all, so loses any idea of continuity from the original. Whilst the storyline is good, it could have been further enhanced by scenery changes, or other locations being included. For example, other boat captains or coastal places, could have portrayed a simple side story.


The genre demarcation is probably correct here. It isn’t all about horror or adventure, but certainly possesses both of these, with considerable garnish of drama. I’d suggest when assessing it as just a horror, this movie does well in it’s own right.
Themes such as the “true feeling of despair”, enhances the horror element. It becomes more of a horror due to the loss of individuals, than evil entity per se. This takes nothing away from this particular film. That said, something extra may have enhanced it further, as a pure horror.

Character personalities are developed well throughout. We get to learn of backstories and relationship history, from various individuals. They become relatable emotionally throughout. This is attained, by allowing us into their lives with both emotions, and character stories. These stories are differentiated, between all of the cast. I must say, emotions are very well portrayed here. Also, cut scenes help contrast the past to the present, which is a clever effect.


Sounds and music are very cleverly employed here. Calming and tranquil, to distressed and tension-building at times, describes well the sheer variation of sounds. These do not impair emotional delivery, which is often conveyed in the absence of any sound at all.


“Best of the trilogy by far”. Could’ve used more evil themes, and better ending.

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