10 Cloverfield Lane- (7/10) “Keeps you questioning character values. Setting and storyline, needs a little more development”.

The Good

“All characters well played”.
“Diverse range of character personalities”.
“Effective tension-building effects”.
“Music varied well”.
“Character morals changing regularly”.
“Action from the start ”.
“Enough character background”.

The Bad

“Not scary enough for a horror”.
“Mid-section at times, felt a little slow”.
“Lack of setting variation”.
“Not many characters”.
“Plot in middle lacked a little adventure”.


Cloverfield is a highly atypical movie series. The first 2008 movie simply called “Cloverfield” is nothing like the 2016 sequel we review today. These movies surprise and entertain in a way unlike almost any other sci-fi/Horror movie. Today the 2nd Cloverfield movie “10 Cloverfield lane”, takes centre stage.


The storyline is too simple. Yes it details backstories, includes characters well, and surprises with deceit and changing character viewpoints. For me though, it feels slow in the middle and the ending lets it down. The setting is clearly restrictive, which doesn’t help it’s limited mid-section action.


The surprisingly reliable “Wikipedia” defines 10 Cloverfield lane as a “Psychological horror … with science fiction elements”. This 2016 release I’d define as simply a Thriller/Sci-fi. Thriller, since it tricks the mind, and Sci-fi because of it’s dystopian setting.
Whilst it isn’t what you’d expect from a standard horror movie, it has a slightly dark theme. Still not really a horror though …


The characters are very well played, and they need to be. The one-dimensional setting throughout, means good acting is essential here. In this way, the film doesn’t disappoint. With few characters, the diversity is very effective here and helps with the psychological elements.
The characters and behaviour, with heart-felt emotion, are difficult to fault, and keep surprising you.


The music is used effectively to build tension, yet isn’t overused. Types include “Epic high suspense” tracks, and “Calming everyday tracks”. Silence is used on multiple occasion, with good effectiveness. Additional sound effects throughout, may have increased tension at times, but on the whole, music fits the plot well.


Keeps you questioning character values. Setting and storyline, need a little more development.

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