Creep 2 horror movie review (9.5/10)- “A short but effective concerto, of emotion and tension at times. A few extra stitches needed to gel the production”.

The Good

“Is definitely a horror”.
“Nothing overplayed”.
“Lack of unnecessary music”.
“Excellent, engaging acting”.
“Consistently engaging storyline”.
“Lots of shocking surprise”.
“Unexpected plot moments”.
“Tension building fabulous”.
“No special effects needed”.
“Striking camera shots”.

The Bad

“Some parts didn’t tie in effectively”.
“Beginning, a bit disjointed”.
“Slow to establish the storyline”.
“Not long enough for such a good film”.


The sequel to the original Creep film is Creep 2. This is a 2017 Thriller/Horror.


The Creep storyline in this episode, was even more entertaining than the previous one. It has lots of surprises, and plays with your emotions well. By contrast to most horror movies, the plot takes many turns which include positive, aswell as negative, emotions. It also provides real insight into the life of the killer.
This surprised me, and acted as a real hook to stick with it. As far as engaging, the beginning was a little disjointed, but did retain interest. By the middle, the main characters plus their stories were introduced well, bouncing off each other perfectly. The film from middle to end, became more and more edgy. It eventually left me with a surprise finish. Very good overall.


The genre of thriller/horror isn’t a bad impression of the film, although (dark thriller), or simply (horror), would perhaps be a better description of what the movie is. I’d class this as a pure and simple serial killer horror. It will thrill you because of the fear factor, as any horror should.


From the word go, there was dramatic, and “straight to the point”, acting. There wasn’t a moment of shyness, or cruising by the actors. They stayed in role very well.

The number of characters, whilst restricted, helped to add to the tension in this film. It also enabled their personality and life story, to be understood well. The character personalities resonated well, enhancing the impact of the film. In this respect, viewer emotions were played with constantly. It was a real spectacle throughout. So much so, I felt compelled to scribe this review.

As for tension, this was effectively created out of nowhere, with little or no effects. The close up camera shots with lack of special effects, drew me into character perspectives, making the film rather thrilling. One of the scariest elements of this film, was the aspect of sound. This movie didn’t require music, as the sounds alone were enough to build tension. The scarcity of sound use, allowed elements of isolation and loneliness to drive fear.


Music was infrequently used, but when it was, it worked well, and was impactful. I was very impressed with the lack of music in this film.


A short but effective concerto, of emotion and tension at times. A few extra stitches needed to gel the production.

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