Kong: Skull Island movie review “An action-packed, travelling fantasy film, with plenty of costume and scenery effects to leave you satisfied”. – (8/10).

The Good

“Fantastic landscapes and scenery”.
“Good costumes and acting”.
“Some cool backing tracks”.

The Bad

“Predictable storyline”.
“Dragged a little, early on”.
“Not many creatures”.


Hey guys, so after travelling to Italy in the world of cider, and travelling to Worthing and Yarmouth recently. P.s All available on the links below btw.
I am now travelling into a magical world in the Pacific. A world unlike anything my senses have ever witnessed. Prepare for THE Kong: Skull island movie review !!!

A 2017 Fantasy Sci-fi, with lots of action and massive creatures worth a watch ?

You bet son…

Yeah, I mean the film was cool. Good music, good characters, good scenery. There were quite a few weaknesses but none that a mountain-sized gorilla couldn’t cover up … See more below:


The storyline, without giving too much away, was understandable for all the family. It was frustratingly basic for the Uber intelligent though. Yes it had action, pretty good effects and graphics, and a few key events with different settings. Beyond this though, there was something missing. I’m guessing it wasn’t a mountain-sized ape, but more likely, stuff which could’ve happened that wasn’t made so predictable.

Part of the blame lies with the script here.
For example, If you say:
“When I go to the park, there will be a kid on a swing”.
Then go to the park, and when you get there and Ryan is indeed (on the swing), that discovery isn’t particularly dramatic. It doesn’t say …
like a surprise.
“Oh right, yeah”.

The rest of the blame, lies with the actual events that happened, not having enough going on. Maybe a few more creatures or natural events would’ve compensated for this …

Fortunately, the scenery was changed regularly. With characters travelling quite a bit. This was a good touch, and certainly made things more entertaining.


As for a Sci-fi/fantasy, the film was good. All characters had excellent graphics and effects. The genre was only let down by the number of characters that existed. There certainly could have been quite a lot more. This would have made the fantasy even more fantastic. I would say, this would be better categorised as an action/fantasy rather than Sci-fi, because despite some scientists being involved, there is very little science actually in the film. At least compared to the level of action.


The lead roles had good diversity and plenty of character personalities, with ideas coming to light throughout. The interactions were insightful enough to regret characters being harmed, yet were slightly basic.
I’d suggest a few less characters, to improve the emotional connection to their roles.
Despite this …
The costume variety only enhanced this aspect of the film, and with a few big names, the characters were on the whole well-played.


The music was applied where necessary, to compensate for less action. With restraint at times, where other sounds were more significant to the impact of the scene. This is an area frequently underperformed, but for this film, the balance of when music was played, and it’s type, was effectively incorporated.


An action-packed, travelling fantasy film, with plenty of costume and scenery effects to leave you satisfied.

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