Game Night movie review (8/10) – “People spoke too quickly, but things were highly action packed, with amusing lead roles”.

The Good

“Clear and simple concept”.
“Varying character personalities”.
” Quick storyline progression”.
” Well-acted lead roles”.
” Wide variety of humour types”.
” Action packed throughout”.

The Bad

” Most of the cast didn’t get into character completely”.
“Characters talking too quickly”.
“Plot, a little predictable”.
“Climax too busy”.


Game night is a comedy mystery from 2018. I purchased it for under £7 from Tesco’s supermarket, earlier this week. It has an engaging storyline, which lifts it from pure comedy to resemble dramatic reality.


The storyline from the word go was rapid paced. Straight into the idea of games and comedy. This captivates the viewer immediately. Colour was used well to enhance the spectacle of various environments. Settings alternated between indoor and outdoor environments too.
The story had plenty of twists and turns to keep you thinking throughout. Towards the end these twists and turns became too numerous to be believable. The extreme business of the action began to detract from the real life setting; It just seemed too far fetched.
The action throughout concluded well though in a well considered amusing ending. Comedy was woven into tragedy well, to reveal a truly clever display.


The comedy is a great mix. A carefully crafted combination of sarcasm, sit-com moments playing on stereotypes and everyday life well. Characters are even funny when their script is serious. It is because of the way they interact. Inter character communication is key then to great comedy in this film. It won’t have you rolling over but it frequently makes you smile.


Whilst the majority of the characters were of similar expression and opinion, others helped build tension well, displaying contrasting personality well too. Pretty good acting. Non-lead roles emotions weren’t totally believable.
Awkward and gory suspense, lifted several scenes though. Comedy throughout was key, but perhaps the USP was well-portrayed lead roles, creating different types of humour.


Music is seldom used but when applied it helped set the tone and atmosphere well in important moments. The music leading into the credits was very edgy and engaging.


The film had too many twists and turns. People spoke too quickly, but things were highly action packed, with amusing lead roles.

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