The Perfection 2018 Thriller/Horror review (9/10)- “Simply stunning display of dark acting and emotion”.

The Good

“Captivating throughout”.
“Good tension building”.
“Dramatic acting”.
“Complex character viewpoints”.
“Intellectually stimulating”.
“No dull moments”.
“Surprising cut scenes”.

The Bad

“Not scary”.
“The surprises weren’t startling enough to shock me”.
“Lack of contrast between good and bad”.


The Perfection is a 2018 Thriller/Horror movie about music.

The movie began slowly, but from the beginning main characters were introduced. The key roles were made clear immediately, which was noteworthy. The music was the main theme, which was kept as the star of the show throughout. Characters were individual and interesting enough to keep even the calm scenes interesting.


The storyline, whilst quite bizarre, had me on the edge of my seat. Certainly, plenty of events became a revelation quickly. The progression was slick, and scene changes appeared natural.


The genre of Thriller/Horror was a good attempt to summarise key themes in the film. Whilst there were moments of gore and shock, the fear factor was absent. This resulted in the genre appearing more Thriller than Horror. I would classify it as a Dark thriller or Action. Whilst romance was poignant in the plot, it never took centre stage. The action was always there, with the right level of tension for a great Dark thriller.


From the outset, these were introduced. Their range of personalities, all enhanced the overall effect of each scene. Character backgrounds were diverse, allowing the film to exude the modern era of equality. From this, you could tell it was shot recently. Graphics were crisp too, which was nice.
Effects could have enhanced tension between characters at times though. The way the characters appeared good then bad, made you question the notion of right and wrong throughout. This allowed the movie to be branded as “intellectually stimulating”. The excitement was always there, which takes characters to be fully engaged both posturally and emotionally in their role. The characters do bring you into their line of thought and world, which provides impeccable viewing experience.


The music was a key theme in the plot, but wasn’t overused at times of tension. This prevented the film becoming a musical, allowing it to retain it’s darker theme.
The genre was classical, and this was stuck to throughout. Musical keys selected, reflected the deeply sinister undertone, the movie radiated. At times of tension, the music was possibly underused and may have helped events develop the fear factor they ideally needed for a Horror. This may sound conflicting to my previous comment, but short tense build ups are attainable with limited, eerie music use.


A simply stunning display of dark acting and emotion, leading to an amazingly entertaining, action-packed, and surprisingly dark thriller. No fear factor, left me unconvinced it should be a horror. It had some gore though …

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