#138 The Perfection 2018 Thriller/Horror review (9/10)- “Simply stunning display of dark acting and emotion”.

The Perfection 2018 Thriller/Horror review (9/10)- “Simply stunning display of dark acting and emotion”. The Good “Captivating throughout”.“Good tension building”.“Dramatic acting”.“Complex character viewpoints”.“Intellectually stimulating”.“No dull moments”.“Action-packed”.“Surprising cut scenes”. The Bad “Not scary”.“The surprises weren’t startling enough to shock me”.“Lack of contrast between good and bad”. Introduction The Perfection is a 2018 Thriller/Horror movie about music. […]

#73 Survival of the Dead movie – (6.5/10) – Gory comedy not horror !

Survival of the dead 2009 movie review ” Slow-beginning gory comedy. Not what I expected”- (6.5/10) Introduction Survival of the dead is, according to Wikipedia and Google, a 2009 American horror film. It actually is a post-apocalyptic film which has gore and comedy, in my opinion. If you want horror or fear factor, don’t watch […]

#68 The Descent – Good storyline, tense at times, with okay acting (8/10)

The Descent 2005 review ” Good storyline, tense at times with okay acting”- (8/10). Quite a pathetic beginning, with a lot of unnecessary details. The main concept was set out clearly though which helped the sense of adventure. It was a long while before the horror seemed to truly build, yet tension was met early […]

#66 The Glass house movie – (8/10) ” Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”.

The Glass house movie review (8/10) “Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”. The Glass house challenges the idea that individuals always want to assist those in need of help. It comes with multiple surprises and settings, and an action packed storyline.The constant theme throughout is almost like dark action. It is certainly […]

#65 The Autopsy of Jane doe horror (8.5/10)- ” Very chilling”.

The autopsy of Jane Doe review (8.5/10) After watching a pretty mediocre horror film at best, this is what the doctor ordered. A range of clever techniques are used throughout the film to build up tension and lead to the fear factor from any surprises along the way. The setting of the film keeps things […]