The Glass house movie review (8/10) “Great thriller if slightly longer. Not a horror though”.

The Glass house challenges the idea that individuals always want to assist those in need of help. It comes with multiple surprises and settings, and an action packed storyline.
The constant theme throughout is almost like dark action. It is certainly not a horror, but does earn it’s reputation well as a thriller.

The characters are well played with the multitude of emotions, actions and health states they experience. It takes some real skill to act with this level of diversity.

Clearly, the casting team did a good job. As for the movie itself, not bad at all. Being in the haunted house genre, I was expecting a horror though, which I didn’t get. If horror was to emerge in the already action packed house, it would have made the interesting storyline great, and enhance the sinister vibes already present.

The music worked well throughout, with dramatic sounds used to emphasise particularly shocking events. These crescendo cues, were not worn out however, so the film worked well to raise tension.

Aswell as the darkness, the initial expectation of forthcoming positivity, helps the contrast. The setting is far from what you’d expect and darkness is not only restricted to the night. This is quite rare in horror films.

With themes of broken relationships, attraction, abuse, bereavement, empathy and sibling love, the film provides enough emotional variety to really get, and keep the viewer engaged. No short change is present in the movie. With some better special effects and fright techniques though, this could be raised to a truly chilling level.

As it stands currently it is still a striking, varied and engaging thriller, with darker undertones throughout. The storyline is not idiotproofed, yet isn’t rocket science either, so suits me well.

I am tempted to watch again and would recommend as a thriller. I give it 8.5/10 as a thriller since it’s a little long for a truly outstanding movie. Unfortunately though, I can only give it a 7/10 as a horror, since the effects and tension weren’t sufficient.

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