Stephanie 2017 Supernatural Horror movie review – (9/10) “Abundant in shocking surprise, leaves you wanting more”.

The Good

“Great contrast between good and evil”.
“Captivating throughout”.
“Horror genre is clear and correct”
“Unique horror concept”.
“Abundant in shocking surprises”.
“Innovative take on haunted house theme”.
“Appropriate soundtrack throughout”.
“Great acting to play with your mood”.
“Keeps viewer guessing”.
“Storyline progression slick”.

The Bad

“Boring name”.
“Lacking any noticeable creature or truly scary entity”.
“Nothing truly scary revealed”.


Stephanie is rather unremarkably named, after the girl who is the main character. It’s classified as a supernatural horror from 2017. It’s a heart-felt movie conducted from her perspective, using a range of storyline twists and effects. Effects used to create a striking show.


The storyline was very captivating, mostly because the element of mystery was sustained throughout; Something seldom seen in the horror genre. The pace of the storyline, was also refreshing, never feeling like a tiresome wait for something to “Jump out of the closet”, as it were. It’s take on the haunted house theme, seemed innovative and original. The storyline consistently plays with your emotions, spanning “content” to “tense”, at regular intervals.

It’s special effects only enhanced what has to be one of the best pitched horror movies I’ve seen. When it finished, I wanted to see more. This is never the case for mediocre films…


Supernatural horror, as it’s classed, is pretty much the idyllic genre for this film. You certainly get the sense early on, that the supernatural is involved. The source of this is uncovered piece-by-piece throughout. It gave me chills, like any good horror should.


Whilst limited in number, characters were acted well, leaving the viewer questioning their opinions and ethics throughout the film. Other than the main character, none appeared trustworthy; That’s a hard effect to achieve.
With characters both real and pretend used, the film created a good range of relationships and emotions. Both of which were thoroughly tested throughout.


The music began with tranquil piano, yet progressed with an aura of eerie tension building, growing into more sinister piano tunes. It was good to have a consistent instrument in the music as-well, employed well for tension building.


Emotionally entertaining, and abundant in shocking surprise. Leaves you wanting more …

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