Monster party horror movie review (7.5/10) – “Action-packed moments, well-acted”.

The Good

“Mood switches immediate”.
“Macabre sounds opening”.
“Action packed ending”.
“Gore and sinister themes”.
“Storyline keeps you guessing at the end”.
“Plenty of horror effects”.

The Bad

“Middle lost a little momentum”.
“Inaction in parts”.
“Hard to feel emotions or impact of horrific scenes”.


Monster party is a 2018, Horror, Thriller and comedy movie according to ImDb.

The punchy opening, clearly sets the scene. Fabulous camera effects and sound adjustment complements the storyline perfectly, allowing technical turns to be fluidly negotiated. After a few twists, the plot steadies into a period of more ordinary life, including themes such as crime.

The darkness is there, but is more of a developing toxin, than sustained action. This gives a chance for characters to get known, preventing tedium. There are regular trips and travel, which helps the adventure element of the horror. This is key to unravelling the source of evil. After some time, mystery elements become constructed. The midsection retained some interest with this mystery, aswell as many sly goals of the characters.

The ending unveils mystery, with plenty of action. Some of which relates back to earlier scenes. Relationships are constantly challenged and surprises continue. By all counts, a pretty strong finish.

From the first minute, you can see darkness in the movie. This is early for a horror, showing the films commitment to spectator experience. Plenty of sound and camera effects, combined with facial expressions, give a dark experience with punishing effectiveness.
As for Thriller, the high tempo events featured, do make this a thrilling watch at times, but Comedy seems notably absent. The ending was tantamount to Horror.

Overall the film is certainly a pure horror or thriller/horror, in parts of mystery.


Character hobbies are clear early on, with clues to their lives given without delay. The characters while played by okay acting, were hard to believe or really feel at times. Whilst there was plenty of action, better acting would have made it more memorable.
Fortunately, main character personalities were hard to read, which kept you questioning motives. There were sufficient varied roles, to create an entertaining watch.


Opening music was loud and bold, drawing you in immediately. Sound effects were implemented extremely early, giving the horror impression. Music through the main parts was much softer, allowing actors to remain articulate, without interruption. The music improved in times of action and tension, and was far better in these parts overall.


Action-packed moments, well acted.

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