Monster party horror movie review (7.5/10) – “Action-packed moments, well-acted”.

Monster party horror movie review (7.5/10) – “Action-packed moments, well-acted”. The Good “Mood switches immediate”. “Macabre sounds opening”. “Action packed ending”. “Gore and sinister themes”. “Storyline keeps you guessing at the end”. “Plenty of horror effects”. The Bad “Middle lost a little momentum”. “Inaction in parts”. “Hard to feel emotions or impact of horrific scenes”. […]

Survival of the Dead movie – (6.5/10) – Gory comedy not horror !

Survival of the dead 2009 movie review ” Slow-beginning gory comedy. Not what I expected”- (6.5/10) Intro Survival of the dead is, according to Wikipedia and Google, a 2009 American horror film. It actually is a post-apocalyptic film which has gore and comedy, in my opinion. If you want horror or fear factor, don’t watch […]