Shin Godzilla – (Action, Adventure, Drama) movie review – “Relief when the okay ending arrived. Japanese subtitles didn’t help”. (5/10)

The Good

“Full creature not revealed prematurely”.
“Easy to understand concept”.
“End better than beginning”.

The Bad

“Totally unbelievable effects”.
“Poor opening”.
“Limited camera angles”.
“Quickly stimulates boredom”.
“Tension building music weak”.


Shin Godzilla is a 2016 (Action, Adventure, Drama) film, featuring the appearance of a giant monster.


Dull camera angles complement a very simplistic storyline. Acting seems robotic. Roles of people that seem like robots, appear uniform and alike. No individual storylines exist for characters. The sole story, is about an event which begins to unfold very suddenly. The drama isn’t felt at all by the viewer though, until at least an hour into the film.

Once this point is crossed, decision making in the film, and greater emotions, liven proceedings a little. This stops the viewer falling asleep. The ending is better than the beginning, displaying an “okay” climax. Nothing special still …

Overall, far too basic and dull storyline to be relatable, believable, or remotely worth a watch.


The billed genre on IMDb is (Action, Adventure, Drama).
The opening displays scenes, intended to convey action and excitement. Instead, they educate on poor effects and surrealism. It feels like anything but all it’s genre keywords. IMDb could’ve picked ( Lullaby, Gaming and Mythological) to be equally as valid.
After a little while, a few moments gave a comedy impression. This isn’t what the film is billed for though.

Probably just me, laughing at the dire acting…

Despite events, the film is certainly not a horror, and poor effects detract from any clear genre working.


Very dull and boring, with no individual personalities coming through. By the end, a few distinct characters could be seen, feels too little, too late.


None in the opening scenes. No camera effects to compensate. Eventually music began after mass destruction began to occur. Whilst this was the correct theme of music, it really didn’t increase tension enough. By half an hour, music begins to be more effective.


Relief when the okay ending arrived. Japanese subtitles didn’t help.

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