Planet Terror movie review (7/10) – “Light-hearted, humorous, and action-packed. More contrast and fear factor needed, to appease the adult target audience”.
The Good

“Huge variety of themes”
“Does comedy well”.
“Plenty of action”.
“Setting and scenery varied plenty”.
“Adult males dream elements”.
“Music varied well”.
“Some minor surprises”.
“Touching ending”.

The Bad

“Tension build ups not evident”.
“Contrast between humour and fear, not stark enough”.
“Not a horror”.
“Slightly mind-numbing storyline”.
“Background not fully introduced”.


According to IMDb, Planet Terror is a 2007 Action, Comedy, and Horror movie.


Many themes greet your eyes and ears with Planet terror. These include: Gore, love, comedy, relationships, varied character personalities, and light-hearted tone. Lack of thinking was necessary throughout. It linked phrases, (first mentioned early in the film), to later parts, by repeating the same phrases.
Lack of tension-building or suspense was apparent, mostly due to it’s light -hearted nature. Contrast between serious and funny wasn’t quite stark enough to dub this a horror, however it almost manages to be.

Film aspects such as girls, sex, flames, gore, weapons, would appeal to a younger male adult target audience, perhaps someone in their late teens, I’d suggest.
There was also some clever camera work. The plot didn’t really make much sense, but counting in it’s favour, introducing it’s events properly would be a colossal task.


More comedy, and action than anything. Had some good horror elements, but tension and fear factor wasn’t there. These define horror.


In terms of music, background sounds were consistent with tension, becoming louder and more dramatic in these moments.


There were plenty of charming, varied, and well-portrayed characters. Characters included familiar locals, and specialist professionals. Relationships were believable, despite the light-hearted tone of the film. The ending emphasised this point.

One character was played particularly well. She managed to capture the message of equality in society effectively, whilst still playing a key part in a “major role” relationship. Definitely one of the acting highlights of this film…


Light-hearted, humorous, and action-packed. More contrast and fear factor needed, to appease the adult target audience.

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