iT 1 vs iT (Chapter) 2 horror movie comparison “If short on time, skip the second…”.

For those of us binging on isolation movies, I’m comparing films to help you select the best form of entertainment in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? 🙂


“It”, the film not the word, is a modern horror film series with 2 instalments. The first was released in 2017, the second in 2019. Below, I compare the 2, and recommend which is the best. I also suggest which of the 2 instalments is worth a watch. Enjoy …

What I like- It 1

From the off, tension is built very quickly. The opening links well to the storyline, far more effectively, than in (It 2). The story is told without many flashbacks, focusing on the story as it happens. It isn’t trying to represent 2 films, unlike the second.

Tension is built well, with clever effects.

What I like-  It Chapter 2

The story continues from the off with something unrelated to IT 1, allowing those who haven’t seen that, to enjoy the movie, without missing anything. Following this, the story is recapped and explained bit by bit, throughout the first hour. Whilst this is detailed and protracted, it’s good to have some context of the story, and the point in time when the film is set. This also is great for those watching the second before the first.

The story seems interesting, and acting is effective. The actors’ memories, play a big role in their intuition. Evil is quite shocking, taking many different forms.


It 2 starts too slowly, and characters get distracted too much. This reduces how poignant the plot feels, and how engaged the viewer is.

Incidents happen scarcely throughout the first hour, but are shocking when they do. Tension building is present.

It 1 is the shorter of the 2, at just over 2 hours. This makes it a more manageable watch. The opening of It 1, much like It 2, features evil entities targeting the vulnerable. The difference is how well the plot links to the story. It 2 feels a bit disjointed and clumsy. It 1 feels like a flowing, scary tale.

Both films have fear factor and tension at times. It 1 is definitely an easier watch though, and therefore more entertaining. It 1 is scarier in my opinion too, which seems like the main purpose of these movies.


You could watch both movies as stand alone films. The second is worth a watch, although perhaps not in one sitting. It’s opening is definitely too long. The overall length of almost 3 hours makes it quite tedious at times.

The first movie by contrast, flows well enough to be an entertaining watch, easily possible in one sitting. This is my preferred film for this reason.

If short on time, skip the second…

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