Original vs amazing Spider-Man 1 comparison

For those of us binging on isolation movies, I’m comparing films to help you select the best form of entertainment in these strange times. Who you gonna call ? Reasea.org 🙂

1 Original (7.3/10 IMDb and my rating 7.5)

Relationships seem more intimate and believable from the off. Greater emotional rapport was built here, between the main cast.

There was a better opening, and more typical interactions for a geek observed.

The original spider bite was in a more believable context.

Spider-Man made a few mistakes while getting used to his powers. He took things easier. This was more believable.

The “Ben dying” scene was very believable.

Spider-Man was never cocky when catching criminals, or avoiding the police.

Spider-Man only revealed his identity to his girlfriend, after a long while in film 2.

The Green goblin (Spider-Man’s rival), can fly like Spider-Man.

Fight scenes and emotions were far deeper in this Original.

Unfortunately, the Original version, lacked some of the plot clarity of the remake though. Technology was better represented in the amazing version.

2 Amazing (6.9/10 IMDb and my rating 7)

This had a better spider bite scene, since it featured better technology.

The aftermath of the spider bite, appears more action packed and interesting here too.

This had thoughtful incorporation of humour.

Unfortunately, trying his new found powers, was too easy. There weren’t enough mistakes during learning them, to be realistic.

The “Ben dying” scene, wasn’t as emotive as the “Original”.

Spider-Man directly taunted police officers.

Spider-Man revealed his powers to his girlfriend, immediately.

The green lizard (Spider-Man’s rival), was rooted to the ground. He was also physically too tough to hurt, making the fight scenes duller.

The ending was heart-felt, with good resolution. At times though, the film felt like you were too entangled in the web, but it was worth seeing this version through.

It was a shame characters weren’t as relatable here, or fight scenes weren’t more equal. These good features, were both better in the “Original” version.


The original possessed greater excitement. The opening, and fighting, was much tenser and closer. The financial issues in Peters’ life, were included. This made the main character overall more relatable.

I’d recommend “Original” as the better offering, and totally agree with the scores on IMDb.

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