Remember to stay safe is probably all you have heard in your ears over the past month, so sorry to repeat it again. It’s an important message though to not only apply to the present situation, but also about online security.

You wouldn’t want to put yourself in danger. Namely, so that someone could hack into your device…. Take that one step further and you have an idea of the concept of the 2 movies I shall compare before your very eyes.

Unfriended Original – what I like

The Original unfriended is a good film. It brings in friendship and community, and is presented in a very distinctive manner quite different to other films. Everyone is at home throughout, which normally would lead to boredom. Not in this case !! The focus is on character feelings and relationships, and the focus  is retained better because of this constant setting.

The horror element of Unfriended – original is unidentified. To me, this gives the movie a supernatural feel. The movie keeps building up to a climax at the end.

Unfriended Dark web- what I like

Unlike the Original, Dark web identifies the threat. This gives the movie a greater emphasis on crime.

The moral of this movie is the same as the first, in that justice should be done and actions have consequences. Where it differs, is who the offending individual affects.

The original only serves justice on the offender. Dark web however, drags in the whole crew, affecting everyone with the threat involved.

Comparison and conclusion

In reality, actions do have consequences. Not just for you, but for those around you. I feel for this reason, Dark web reflects reality more.

Personally, I prefer more supernatural movies, yet the original doesn’t seem as scary because the evil isn’t revealed. The original therefore isn’t my favourite. The second, (Dark web), since it has a greater crime element, wouldn’t normally be my kind of thing. It is in fact better made in my opinion though, so I would have to choose ……

Unfriended: Dark web, as the best movie. Both are worth watching though, preferably in order …. Original, then Dark web.

I have a nutrition post coming up next week, to advertise my brand new diet book !!! Stay tuned and have an amazing weekend …

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