Live longer – Ingredients for long life – by (new ebook out May 1st !!!)

Perhaps you are missing my cider review posts. Perhaps not. Either way something totally different shall be written.

The new ebook titled “Live longer – Ingredients for long life”.

Release date : The new ebook will be available on Amazon on May 1st.

Questions and answers

Whats it about ?

This is about recipes for a long life. It provides calorie-counted meal recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also adds in snack suggestions and snack recipes.

What makes it different ?

  • It introduces 3 countries with the longest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality.
  • It then provides recipes from those cultures, and those influenced from elsewhere.
  • It has over 13 recipes inspired from each of those 3 nations.
  • Every recipe is calorie-counted, and broken down into calories for each ingredient.
  • Instructions are step-by-step, and very simple for non cooks.
  • Shopping lists are included for common ingredients used in each section.
  • Each country is introduced with its food culture, to inspire the reader.
  • Every source is referenced correctly, with over 60 sources used for recipe research.
  • Recipes are modified from tried and tested recipes, to be simple and appropriate for 1 serving.

Why should YOU buy and read it ?

All of the above reasons detail why the book is different from the pack. It combines health and cooking to help people learn to cook, whilst making proven healthy food. It’s great for those trying to look better, lose weight, and live longer. The book is only £1.99.

What devices can it be read on ?

Any device which can download the kindle app can read my book. This includes most mobile phones, tablets, or PC.

How can I get and read it ?

  1. Follow this link to the amazon ebooks homepage :
  2. In the search bar type “Live longer – Ingredients for long life”
  3. Press enter
  4. Find the book title “Live longer – Ingredients for long life”.
  5. Click on the book and find “buy now with one click” on the right
  6. Download the kindle app to your device
  7. Click “buy now with one click”.
  8. If you have an amazon account go through payment process, if not, you may be prompted to create one and enter card details. This is a secure website and platform so do not worry about this.
  9. Open your kindle app and find the purchased book in your library immediately after purchase.
  10. Enjoy !!

For further instructions try this link:


This new ebook provides recipes you can use from day one. It also educates you on which nations live the longest instantaneously. For non cooks it’s easy to carry out all recipes. Since over 40 recipes are included, at £1.99, it represents very competitive value. I would love to make a positive difference to your lifestyle. To make this change yourself, all you need to do is please buy the ebook.

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