50,000 steps or 25 miles walked in one single day !!

Hello everyone, It’s the bank holiday !!!

I hope you are well, and enjoying the extra free time available to you; Otherwise making the most of the free time you have. 

I currently find myself in an abundance of time. This originally bubbled my motivation into a sealed pot, of frenzied boredom. After 2 weeks though, I find that plenty has been accomplished, in, and around my home in the UK.

WARNING: This post is not about cider or films for a change !!

Title: 24 hour- Most walked steps

Aim: To inspire all to view my content, and participate in their own lockdown adventures.

Tasks completed:

Week 1– Wednesday 25th March (22,000 steps – rural setting – social distancing), Week 2- Wednesday 1st April ( no fooling about – 35,000 steps – rural setting- social distancing)

Week 3– Wednesday 8th April ( 2 days ago- 50,000 steps- In my back garden only !!! #stayathome)

Goal for the future- 100,000 steps in 24 hours !!!


So the above summarises my recent walk activities, all recorded by Garmin forerunner 645 (Evidence in the image). I managed the first 2 weeks without too much attention to planning or nutrition.

The 50,000 step challenge was more tricky though. I fuelled up with extra carbohydrates the day before, and on the day, changed socks twice to prevent blisters. I also took a 30 minute hiatus for lunch to rehydrate.

If you wish to challenge yourself physically, I strongly advise you build up gradually. This is essential for reducing injury risk.

If you’re interested in more challenges, please check out my YouTube channel “Fossafitness”, and Facebook page “Fossafitness”, both linked below. Remember to like and subscribe please, to encourage me to film future challenges.

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Stay safe guys #stayathome

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