TV to restore sanity !!


With many of us trapped inside, these are atypical times. Whilst it’s important we don’t forget those lives impacted by the virus, it’s also vital we make the most of the time we have left; Now, more than ever.

You don’t have to break the rules, to enjoy a great break from work !!

With the mantra “Stay at home” reverberating around the UK, for the safety of our citizens, enjoying that family time or time alone, is of the utmost importance for yours, and your loved ones’ sanity.

Below are some TV series’ I have watched over the years, ones that impacted me emotionally. I longed for more episodes of these great watches. It’s my pleasure to share them with you at this time of need, for boredom escapology !!

Great series’ and why you should watch them …

1 Breaking Bad (AMC)

Breaking bad is one of the greatest Crime/Thriller style series’ I’ve ever seen. Once hooked, I couldn’t stop watching this. There are plenty of episodes aswell. I promise you, you won’t be bored here !

2 Reckoning (All 4)

Reckoning follows the life of a serial killer, unlike any other. The way it tracks the families of detective, and suspect, make this highly emotive, and oddly relatable. It’s a series like few others !!

3 Killing Eve (BBC iPlayer)

Killing Eve follows the life of an assassin, and her follower. It’s a similar concept to Reckoning, but is played in a more comical way, yet still retains its twisted and macabre vibes.


After the above series’ I’m sure you’ll have quenched your thirst for Thrillers, and great Dramas alike. You’ll have seen some of the scariest people, and the best acting, modern TV has to offer. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading, see you on Friday !!

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